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The Winterlicious Tag


I feel I've been lacking a bit when it comes to festive posts this Christmas, so when the lovely Laurzie of Day in the Life of a Scottish Lass tagged me to do The Winterlicious tag I was pleased to oblige!
Here are my answers, hope you enjoy them.

What is your most worn Winter clothing piece?
I like to layer up in the Winter, but it gets so chilly that it's not often possible to go out without a coat! I'd love to get a big, cosy Winter parka, which would undoubtedly see me through the chilly months.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I think I must be the only person in the world who doesn't actually know the names of the majority of Christmas films! I just see them on TV and decide to watch them. As a child though, I used to love Prancer, which is a film about a girl who makes friends with a reindeer (one of Santa's, of course). 

What is your most worn Winter accessory?
Scarfs, without a doubt - I've got hundreds. Ok, not hundreds. But a lot.

What is your favourite Winter eye palette?
I'm not sure I'm really in a position to answer this one, as despite my love of makeup I very rarely wear eyeshadow (I used to regularly, but haven't done in years now). However, that said, I am getting the MUA Undressed palette as one of my Christmas pressies, because I've decided to make a concerted effort to get back into it. I do tend to use my Urban Decay NYC palette for nights out though.

What is your favourite Christmas food/treat?
Such a tough call - I absolutely adore Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, but you can't beat a mince pie with clotted cream and a glass of mulled wine!

What is your favourite everyday Christmas perfume?
I can't say I particularly have a Christmas one, although I usually receive perfume for Christmas so tend to wear whichever one I've been lucky enough to be given. Generally though, in Winter I wear Armani Code Pour Femme and Chanel Chance.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
I love Christmas songs! Why do so many people complain about them!? I love all the fun old classics like Slade - I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day, Stop the Cavalry, and of course, The Pogues - Fairytale of New York....but then I also really like to hear Christmas carols. In my hometown, the Salvation Army are always playing those in town just before Christmas and it's lovely.
I'm also loving some of this year's covers - The XX's cover of Last Christmas is awesome, and Gabriela Aplin singing The Power of Love is a winner too.
Favourite Christmas blusher?
I don't really have one, but this year I'll more than likely be wearing my Nars blush in Deep Throat, as it's the one I have been loving the most of late.

What is your favourite Winter beverage?
I LOVE winter beverages! I absolutely adore mulled wine, but obviously I can't be drinking that all the time, so I love trying out all the deliciously festive coffees and hot chocolates brought out by Starbucks and Costa. I love a gingerbread latte, but I've heard of some amazing new ones I've got to try this year - Costa's salted caramel latte sounds incredible (although I haven't seen the best reviews) and peppermint mochas and suchlike sound heavenly too.
On Christmas day, we tend to sip Bucks Fizz in the morning and have some wine with dinner, and then a Baileys in the evening - Baileys is my ultimate Christmas Day drink!

Your favourite Winter lip product?
This year it's my latest Mac lippy in the shade Craving. It's a gorgeous kind of dusky berry, and at the moment I can't get enough of it!

What is your favourite Winter scent/candle?
There are so many yummy sounding candles about this winter. While the Neom and other high-end ones look lovely, there's no way you'd catch me paying upwards of £40 for a candle! I really like the sound of the Cinnamon Buns and Christmas Comfort candles from BusyBee Candles, and am planning on stocking up on some of the Yankee tarts, as they are doing some wonderful scents this year.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
As children, we would always leave a mince pie and a glass of sherry out for Father Christmas, and a carrot and a saucer of milk for Rudolph (what about the other reindeer!?). Back then, my sister and I would wake up really early in the morning, discover our stockings (which were hanging on the door) stuffed with presents and excitedly burst in on my parents, scrambling into their bed to open them together. Sadly, at the age of eighteen the stockings were no more, so these days we don't exchange presents until after Christmas dinner, which is when the adults used to get theirs anyway. So, we usually have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, along with a cheeky bit of Bucks Fizz, crack on with getting the Christmas food (and ourselves) ready, stuff ourselves silly at the dinner table (at around 2pm) and then crack open some gifts. The rest of the afternoon is spent in various stages of food coma, eating too many chocolates, playing with whatever new gadgets have inevitably been received and perhaps watching the odd Christmas special on TV. Later on, the leftovers come out, along with vast amounts of cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese, mince pies and suchlike, and then we usually play some silly games or (these days) XBox Kinect until everyone has to give in and admit defeat for the day. It's a simple affair, but I adore every second of it.

What is your favourite Winter nail polish?
I haven't used it yet, but I was lucky enough to win Northern Lights from the Model's Own Winter Wonderland collection in Suzy's giveaway, and I've had my eye on it for ages, so I'm sure that one will be a firm favourite! I also love Essie Sure Shot, which I tend to wear a lot, and a look I have been favouring of late is either a black or a gold polish with coloured glitter, as it just looks like fun and reminds me of carnivals and fesivities.

What is at the top of your Christmas list?
Well, I would absolutely love a new camera, but I think most of my gifts had already been bought by the time I voiced this. I am hoping for some new Origins skincare and an Illamasqua Alter Ego gift set though, and have also asked for some Real Techniques brushes and some good books.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?
This year, I shall be spending Christmas in the scorching sun in Brazil, so I suppose all this talk of cold weather and Winter warmers doesn't hugely apply! My husband is Brazilian, so we are here spending time with his family. Sadly though, they don't do much to celebrate - there are never any decorations and presents are barely exchanged. As for Christmas dinner, it tends to be a barbecue. I'm sad that I won't be with my family this year, because I absolutely love our Christmasses (is that right!?) together, and I also think it's a bit of a shame that my husband has never experienced Christmas in the magical way that I always did. He says his Christmases were nice as a child, but he also says he doesn't really care about Christmas, and I suppose if it had been as low-key forme growing upthen I'd feel the same. However, I'm trying to get him to become a 'Christmas Person', because it's so much more fun when everyone gets excited about it and really gets into the spirit of things.
Wow, I think I wrote the word 'Christmas' in that paragraph so many times that after reading it back I've forgotten the meaning. Does that ever happen to you when you hear the same word over and over so many times in a row?

I'm not going to tag anyone in particular to do this, because I know it's not everyone'scup of tea, but if you do fancy answering these questions then please feel free and leave me a link in the comments below - I'd love to have a nose.

Hope everyone's having a great week so far!



  1. Such a lovely post! I'm a big fan of festive drinks too, mulled wine is yummy - I always go down to the Christmas market for it! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Can't beat a nice warming Christmas drink out in the cold wintry air :)xx

  2. Costa's salted caramel latte is the best. You've gotta try it before you whizz off to Brazil!

  3. Your answers are lovely, I have tons of scarves too. I've done a similar post to this recently. xxx

    1. Thank you hun, I will pop over for a read of yours :)xx

  4. I'm feeling extra festive and wintry after reading this post! I'd recommend trying a mulled cider, yummy! :-) xx

    1. Ooh, yum! Now you say it I can't believe I never have, as it would definitely be my cup of tea!xx

  5. I love love love love love love love your blog and your utube account im following your blog and im sub'd to ur utube never ever stop blogging i love it so so much oxoxx

    1. Thank you lovely, this is such a lovely comment! Made my day :)xxx


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