Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Skincare Essentials

For me, Summer is all about August, and while many people around me now seem to have already resigned themselves to the fact that Winter is supposedly drawing in, I very much beg to differ!

Ok, so things might have cooled down somewhat, but last year we had sunshine right the way through until the end of October, and then some. Call me a wishful thinker if you like, but I think we've still got plenty of sunshine to come, and having only just finished this year's summer shopping I'm not willing to go digging out the Winter boots an coats just yet.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some of the skincare products that have been helping me through the warmer months - and incidentally, those which came away with me on holiday to Ibiza this month. I like to keep my skincare light and fairly basic at this time of year, while still maintaining a functional routine, but there are certainly a few types of products I tend to favour that I'd be unlikely to reach for in the winter. That said, there are also one or two surprises.

Ordinarily, I stick to a cream formula cleanser when the weather is good and I'm wearing less makeup than usual, as I find them to be highly effective at removing what I have got on my skin as well as leaving a fresh, clean canvas with no oily residue. Balms can be a little heavy for Summer, but this year I have kept right on going with the Ren No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm, and haven't looked back. This is one formula that is a pleasure to use, removing every last trace of makeup as well as soothing and moisturising skin after it has been assaulted by the likes of sunshine, salt water and sand. What I love about this one is that it leaves my skin feeling unbelievably soft, smooth and comfortable, all without that undesirable waxy residue that so many of its kind leave behind. It's a real winner, and it serves me equally as well in the Winter.

One thing I simply can't live without in the Summer- or perhaps just refuse to - is a facial spritz, and this year I've been carrying The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energising Facial Spritz around in my handbag. It's been an absolute life-saver during those uncomfortably humid afternoons in the office, and a quick spray over my face and neck has really helped to pep me up. The uplifting citrus scent awakens the senses, and makeup is instantly refreshed - what more could you ask for? It also provides a welcome shot of vitamins and moisture, and I tend to use it to wake myself up a bit first thing in the morning, straight after my cleanse.

Some days, I don't fancy using a moisturiser before bed, and a couple of drops of Raw Gaia Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil* are the perfect alternative. Far from leaving my skin sticky or greasy, it sinks easily in, and packed with beauty-boosting vitamins A and C, along with essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, it certainly has the desired effect. As well as rejuvenating and nourishing the skin, I find that, when used a few times a week, my complexion appears more even and altogether brighter. It's also great for reducing unwanted pigmentation, so it's a must if this applies to you.

I'm keeping face masks and treatments to a minimum, as I don't find that my skin is quite as needy as it is in the winter and tends to do OK when left more or less to its own devices, satisfied with a minimal morning and evening routine. That said, I will whip out a secret brightening weapon from time to time, and that weapon, of late, has been the Apivita Pomegranate Face Mask. A light radiance mask, it's lotion-like on texture, and only a thin layer is required. Leave it for ten minutes, and hey presto - you've got your glow back. Granted, this is more of a 'keep your skin happy' mask than a problem fixer, but if you've got that happy medium down to a tee then this is your perfect partner.

Of course, these aren't the only products I have been using, but I've certainly pared down my routine for the timebeing and am quite enjoying the results. I shelve my trusty AHA toners when it's warm, as I deem it to be too much of a risk when the sun is out (you should ideally keep out of the sun for a week after use, so reaching for one on a daily basis is a definite no-go), but I've still been following up my evening cleanse with a generous sweep of Liz Earle Instant Skin Boost Tonic. I've also been trialing a fabulous new bedtime moisturiser, which I will be talking about very soon on the blog, and a rather nice serum, to boot. Again, both are light enough to use in warmer weather - I don't know about you, but I like to go all-out with pampering treatments in the Winter, so it's quite the contrast when I go back to basics.

Does your skincare routine chance in the summer? 
Do you have any essentials?



  1. Ooh! That Body Shop spray sounds like exactly something I need for when I go on holiday! I love citrus scents, so it's probably going to go on my list of things I need to buy before I go.

    Becky x

  2. Been loving REN skincare products recently x

    1. It's one of my all-time favourite brands :)

  3. The vitamin C range is just fab, I miss their peel off mask they used to do as well!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. Just Read your Summer Skincare Essentials post, Actually I was looking for mirror on the wall, but luckily I found this post. Your tips will be helpful for my Girlfriend. I love it.

  5. My blog is called Mirror on the Wall, guess you were after something else.


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