Monday, December 12, 2011

Youtube Hauls

I've been watching loads of  'haul' videos on youtube this evening.
For those of you who don't know, a 'haul' video is where someone gets together everything they have recently bought, and sort of show and review them, so that those watching can either go and get themselves the same bit, or just enjoy having an insight into someone else's style.
 At first, I didn't get why people would make them, because if you want to see what's available in a shop without leaving your house then, generally speaking, you can just have a look on the website. But after watching a few hauls which were, well, not really to my taste, I did come across a couple of girls who have really similar taste to mine, but what I really loved about their videos was that they had picked things which, although in my 'style zone', I perhaps wouldn't have thought of picking out myself. It's a really great way to get some fashion inspiration, and see how other people style up pieces that you like, and also how to add pieces you might not have thought of to your wardrobe.
A lot of girls also do videos showcasing their beauty hauls, which is, again, a really interesting viewing experience - perhaps more so. I don't know about you, but I always find myself looking at friends, and just randomers in the street or the pub, who seem to have perfect skin, or who are sporting perfectly shaded eye-shadow, and wondering how on earth they did it. My elaborate  make-up attempts never seem to come out anywhere near as well, and I also find that, even when you think you've found the perfect foundation, the miracle effect never seems to last longer than a week, and then I find myself lusting after a better one!
So even though these haul vids aren't exactly make-up master classes, it's good to know the products that these people use, so we can see them in action and give them a whirl ourselves.

What are your Christmas beauty lust-haves? Do you have a special look planned for the big day?

The pictures above are of some of the more impressive finds amongst Primark haulers, and are actually from . If you are interested in seeing the rest of her haul then go to
Leopard print Peter Pan shirt, £7. Embellished crop vest, £10

For some good haul vids, I'd recommend visiting Zoella's channel at - my favourite haul vids so far.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Just Got to Say.....

Please click on the image for more information.Please click on the image for more information.

I absolutely cannot wait to get home and go shopping! I know I've mentioned this already, but it's seriously been hard times not being able to pop to the shops and buy some nice bits whenever I want! Ha, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not rolling in money. It's easy to pick up something new every week or two when you've got the likes of Primark and some good charity shops around, even if it's just a new hair accessory or a ring though, isn't it? Or a new eyeliner here and there. The truth is, we are all constantly buying things, it's just that we see them as such small things that we barely even notice. But what I have really missed is just having that freedom to pop into a shop and try some bits on - for me, that in itself is satisfying, and I don't even have to buy anything. That is, of course, I find something I just have to have!
I suppose I should explain why I have been so deprived of shopping! Well, I have been spending some time living in Brazil. When you come here as a tourist, your money goes a long way, but when you actually live and work here...well, it doesn't. Things like clothes are ridiculously expensive, and the range of cosmetics and accessories available in the area is, quite frankly, appalling! Besides this, there is a really annoying shop culture here, in that each and every shop is teeming with shop assistants, just 'dying' to assist you. The second you walk into the shop, one of them is on you, and even when you tell them that you are "just looking", they stick to you like glue, standing just by your shoulder the whole time you are in there. Um, pressure much!? I find this so frustrating and irritating that I usually leave the shop in under a  minute, empty handed, of course! Even worse, on the rare occasion that I have managed to stick it out, I have found myself being loaded up with an armful of clothes that the assistant has just 'decided' I would like! I HATE this! They always tell me that they are just my style, and 100% of the time they are so clearly not even close to being, and then out of politeness, I feel obliged to spend half an hour trying on said items! I feel I should also mention, at this point, that the reason for this 100% fail rate is not only that these workers are assuming they know me and my taste when they don't, but that quite frankly, the selection of clothes available where I have been living is atrocious. Rant over.
So, now you know why I am itching so badly to hit the shops back home next week! I LOVE being able to go into a shop and do my own thing, without being bothered by anyone. For a while now, I have been having to pick some clothes out on the internet and get my mum to send them over to me, which is not ideal as you can't try them on, so it's often a disappointment - plus they take about a month to arrive, by which point I have sometimes already gone off them and have set my sights on other items!
I have been obsessed with trawling the internet for exciting finds over the past month, but of course, you can't really go on the hunt for any vintage goodies or charity shops like this, although some of the sellers from London market stalls, like Shoreditch and Portobello, are now on line (check out for some gorgeous vintage and costume jewellery. The two cute little brooches pictured are from this site).
Well, anyway, only a week and I can indulge myself....can't wait!

Current Lusts: River Island

This pretty, embellished collar is just brilliant for winter, as it dresses up just about any plain old top. It would look good on a long-sleeved black top, but personally, I'd wear it with a plain, sheer, cream blouse because I love the contrast effect.  But I do think this particular collar is pretty expensive at £22, considering it is JUST a collar, so I'll be looking for cheaper versions in Primark and H&M.

Next is this cream beaded Peter Pan collar top, which I think is just adorable! It's a versatile colour and will go with anything, so I'll definitely be adding this one to my basket next time I'm in River Island. LOVE it.

I LOVE this monochrome swing blouse, especially the sheer fabric. This'll go with long-length legging and flats, skinnies and boots and just about anything else. £25

This navy lace playsuit is so cute, although I must admit, I'm not loving the buttons. I would take those off and replace them with some little pearly ones and wear this with tights and lace-up shoe boots. Again, though, it's .

This navy lace playsuit is so cute, although I must admit, I'm not loving the buttons. I would take those off and replace them with some little pearly ones and wear this with tights and lace-up shoe boots. I'd also replace the belt it comes with with a tan one. Again, though, it's a llittle steep at £45.

I adore this colour block bag, especially it's leopard print strap. It's perfect for giving a pop of colour on those dull wintery days and would be sure to cheer me up. £30

This is the ideal winter warmer, but is way over-priced at £50, in my opinion. I know for a fact I can find something similar in Primark or Peacocks. I don't mean to sound like a cheap skate (!) but I am constantly changing my mind about what I want, or at least what I want to wear! So to spend £50 would be a mistake - I'd rather buy three different ones for the same price and have some options, as I know I'd get bored of wearing the same cardigan all the time. That already tends to happen in winter, as whatever I wear invariably ends up being covered up with a coat due to the cold.

These are both gorgeous. I love the print on the first one, and the contrasting piped pockets on both. The coral one would also look amazing with sandals in the summer. £40 each..

River Island is another shop that seems to have improved loads within the last few years. Whenever I used to go in there, I'd leave empty handed, unless I was buying shoes (they've always had a great shoe section). I don't know what it was about the clothes, but I just remember them always having stuff with those tacky, stick on rhinestone gems on, or badly cut jeans and pink army print....and no, it wasn't the fashion at the time. Thumbs up though, their makeover has been a great success.

I've just realised that instead of doing my Christmas present shopping, I have been doing......this.  Compiling a list of what I want....whoops. I'm not selfish really, I promise you, and I do have a day of present shopping penciled in soon! I just adore clothes too much, and as I said, I've been away for a while, so my wardrobe needs replenishing!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

There are so many gorgeous skater style dresses out there at the moment, at great prices, that I think I am going to fill a large section of my wardrobe with them, mostly in block jewel colours. They are just so versatile. I'll be wearing mine with a skinny tan belt, black tights and a biker jacket by day in the winter, and will be happy to pull them out again come the summer. Printed versions are also easy to dress up for nights out. Here are some of the ones on mylust-have list.

These are £24.99 each, from Republic:

Miso Colour Block DressMiso Leopard Print Dress
Miso Colour Block Dress

I'm also a fan of this polk-a-dot one, £24.99 from Newlook, which I'd wear with a skinny red belt:
Black Pattern (Black) Influence Polka Dot Dress | 239912809 | New Look

My favourite find, though,  is definitely this one, which is from, and is only £15! Bargain. Unfortunately, though, they seem to be out of my size, so fingers crossed they'll get some more in soon....

Lucy Oriental Print Belted Skater Dress

To be honest though, most of all, I'm looking forward to have a good old rummage around Primark. Their clothes have improved so much in the last couple of years. There was a time when I'd only go in for accessories or basics like vest tops, but these days you can find some real gems. I don't know if I can handle all the Christmas Primark carnage though, it's always a nightmare in there as it is! As much as I hate early mornings, I think it's going to be the only way. I really cannot stand long queues because I'm really impatient with that sort of thing, and everything is usually all over the floor by 10am! Luckily, there's a Starbucks right outside my local Primarni, so I think I might pop in there and try one of their delicious sounding Christmas drinks to warm up before (ambitious) or more likely, after trawling for goodies. Gingerbread latte? Yes please.
 I've got to admit, I'm a real sucker for all things Christmas-y, especially having spent the last couple out of the country. This year, I just want to surround myself with festive treats like fairy lights, homemade mince pies and mulled wine, and I'm even enjoying hearing all the cheesy classics playing in the background on TV programs. You've got to love Walford Market in Eastenders for that!
Also on my wish list at the moment are lots of chunky, slouchy fairisle style cardigans and a dalmatian print satchel. I will keep you updated as to whether I find any for a steal.

[starbucks gingerbread latte]

(Can you tell that I'm excited about Christmas now!?)

Dear Santa.....

Now, I don't usually shop at Dorothy Perkins, but I have to say, I am ridiculously in lust with this sequined Peter Pan collar blouse. It's absolutely gorgeous, and would look great this winter with black, high-waisted shorts, black tights and wedge shoe boots during the day, and can also be easily dressed up for night, thanks to the sequin detail. I'd wear it with a pair of black star foil skinnies from Topshop, and some seventies tan, knee-high boots for casual drinks with friends, or go a bit more glam with a high-waisted skirt and chunky, colour-block heels, with a faux fur gilet slung on over the top for extra warmth.

I'm also a little bit in love with a couple of other marvellous finds from Dotty P's, those being this lovely cream batwing jumper, which looks perfect for winter layering, and this dalmatian-print blouse.

I'm a little bit obsessed with blouses at the moment, mainly because I think they give a chic, elegant edge to any outfit, even when paired with slouchy hareems or, again, tucked into high waisted shorts, with a slouch cardigan thrown on over the top.
Actually, I should explain that I have been living abroad for a little while, so that means that I am absolutely raring to get to the shops when I arrive back in England a few days before Christmas. My winter wardrobe is severely lacking at present, and I just cannot wait to fill it up with some gorgeous sheer fabrics, chunky knits and LOTS of new shoes, boots and shoe-boots.  I do hope Santa is feeling generous this year though, because my bank balance is, well...not. As much as I love the sun, I have really missed layering and being able to go mad on accessories. When it's this hot (currently 34 degrees), you just want to be wearing as little as possible, and even then it feels like too much. When I first arrived here, I defiantly soldiered on, continuing to accessorise with waist belts, name it. In fact, I was really stubborn, and refused to let the weather compromise my style! Some time later though, I did have to give in slightly and embrace a more simplistic, 'less is more' way of dressing to get me through those unbearably hot days. But even in these situations, we can still find a way to 'own'whatever outfit we are wearing!

Please leave a comment, I read every last word and love hearing your views! It really brightens up my day.

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