Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Just Got to Say.....

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I absolutely cannot wait to get home and go shopping! I know I've mentioned this already, but it's seriously been hard times not being able to pop to the shops and buy some nice bits whenever I want! Ha, don't get me wrong, I am certainly not rolling in money. It's easy to pick up something new every week or two when you've got the likes of Primark and some good charity shops around, even if it's just a new hair accessory or a ring though, isn't it? Or a new eyeliner here and there. The truth is, we are all constantly buying things, it's just that we see them as such small things that we barely even notice. But what I have really missed is just having that freedom to pop into a shop and try some bits on - for me, that in itself is satisfying, and I don't even have to buy anything. That is, of course, I find something I just have to have!
I suppose I should explain why I have been so deprived of shopping! Well, I have been spending some time living in Brazil. When you come here as a tourist, your money goes a long way, but when you actually live and work here...well, it doesn't. Things like clothes are ridiculously expensive, and the range of cosmetics and accessories available in the area is, quite frankly, appalling! Besides this, there is a really annoying shop culture here, in that each and every shop is teeming with shop assistants, just 'dying' to assist you. The second you walk into the shop, one of them is on you, and even when you tell them that you are "just looking", they stick to you like glue, standing just by your shoulder the whole time you are in there. Um, pressure much!? I find this so frustrating and irritating that I usually leave the shop in under a  minute, empty handed, of course! Even worse, on the rare occasion that I have managed to stick it out, I have found myself being loaded up with an armful of clothes that the assistant has just 'decided' I would like! I HATE this! They always tell me that they are just my style, and 100% of the time they are so clearly not even close to being, and then out of politeness, I feel obliged to spend half an hour trying on said items! I feel I should also mention, at this point, that the reason for this 100% fail rate is not only that these workers are assuming they know me and my taste when they don't, but that quite frankly, the selection of clothes available where I have been living is atrocious. Rant over.
So, now you know why I am itching so badly to hit the shops back home next week! I LOVE being able to go into a shop and do my own thing, without being bothered by anyone. For a while now, I have been having to pick some clothes out on the internet and get my mum to send them over to me, which is not ideal as you can't try them on, so it's often a disappointment - plus they take about a month to arrive, by which point I have sometimes already gone off them and have set my sights on other items!
I have been obsessed with trawling the internet for exciting finds over the past month, but of course, you can't really go on the hunt for any vintage goodies or charity shops like this, although some of the sellers from London market stalls, like Shoreditch and Portobello, are now on line (check out for some gorgeous vintage and costume jewellery. The two cute little brooches pictured are from this site).
Well, anyway, only a week and I can indulge myself....can't wait!

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