Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Space NK Goodie Bag: Favourite Discoveries

A few of months ago, I made some purchases from Space NK, and was lucky enough to receive one of their summer goodie bags along with my order. Every time I see these promotions on, I'm desperate to get my hands on them, but usually I can't justify spending an unexpected lump sum on beauty items I potentially don't need in order to get them. This time, however, it fell close to my birthday, so I took it as a sign and went ahead.

This particular goodie bag was jam-packed with around twenty iconic products, most of them in luxury sample size, and a few of them have slowly but surely made their way into my daily routine.

The best of the bunch is undoubtedly the ReVive Moisturising Renewal Cream - a rich, hydrating moisturiser, this hasfast become a bedtime staple, ensuring that I wake up with smooth and radiant skin in the morning.  This contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a revolutionary, Nobel Prize-winning ingredient exclusive to ReVive, which gently resurfaces and retexturises the skin as you sleep. I must admit, the effects of this little gem, as with many products, do seem to have diminished somewhat with time - the 'wow' factor  is never quite the same after those initial few uses - but that hasn't stopped me reaching for it on a regular basis. It has a pleasant, almost buttery fragrance, and is rich in consistency to the point that it feels like a real treat for the skin on application.Sadly, at £105.00 a pop for the full-size, this is not one that's going to be making a lasting appearance in my routine, but I've enjoyed experimenting with it, nonetheless.

If you're anything like me, you'll find that your eyes are the first part of the face to give away your age, so I was pleased to try out the Strivectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles. This little tube of goodness claims to fade fine lines and wrinkles in just eight weeks, so I am very much looking forward to finding out whether or not it can truly live up to its claims. In the meantime, it's pleasant to  use, sinks in easily and moisturises the under-eye area well. Again, this is a pricey one - £55.00 for the full 30ml. I'd be very reluctant to repurchase at this price, but if it really does the trick then I could more than likely be persuaded.

I've also been using the Caudalie C15 Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle Serum, usually before my night cream before I go  to bed. You may notice a bit of a theme here - perhaps I'm feeling my  age. Dubbed the 'Anti-Oxidant Youth Shot', this product aims to block free radicals and visibly correct wrinkles. Now, thankfully I don't have many visible lines on my face just yet, so I imagine this might have more of an impact on more mature skin, but I enjoy knowing that there is an extra barrier beneath my moisturiser, protecting my skin from pollutants and other external aggressors.

Last up is my favourite bedtime companion. I'm a worrier by nature, and often find it hard to switch off for a long while after my head hits the pillow. Luckily, the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is now very much a part of my life, and you'd better believe that it does the trick. A couple of sprays of this delicate, lavender-fragranced miracle-worker and the stresses of   the day begin to melt away - I'm drifting off into a peaceful sleep in no time, and rarely wake again as I used to. It's a definite repurchase from me, even at £16.00 for the full-size.

The Space NK goodie bags are such a fantatsic way of discovering new products. Have you stumbled across anything spectacular from any of the previous selections?



  1. I hate it when you come across something new and fall in love with it, and then realise how expensive it is! xx

    1. I know! Often the way with these goodie bags - think that's why they do it!xx

  2. Love getting goody bags! Normally pick up every Cult Beauty one! x


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