Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just Another Revlon Lip Butter: Cherry Tart

(Please excuse my post-shower, drying-naturally hair!)

Now, I know the blogasphere has been absolutely saturated with Revlon Lip Butter reviews, but having included this little beauty in my 'Lipsticks I Can't Live Without' post, I felt it only fair to give you guys a little bit more insight into why it made it onto the list. Plus, I may be wrong, but there seem to be very few reviews on this lovely shade compared to some of the others, at least by UK bloggers, as Cherry Tart is not currently available in the shops over here ( I purchased mine on Ebay here). All you lucky lovelies in the USA will have no problems on getting your paws on this though, and I'm sure many of you already have!

Cherry Tart is a gorgeous , sheer cherry (surprisingly) red, and if you look closely at the product you will see that it does contain a tiny little amount of shimmer particles. Now, those of you who read regularly will know that I am not a fan of shimmer on my lips, so I was a little disappointed to see that this was the case when my package arrived in the post and I ripped it open excitedly to inspect my newest purchase. However, thankfully, the shimmer does not transfer onto the lips at all, and I was really, really pleased with the colour. The pigmentation is great, but being a butter rather than a lipstick, it's quite sheer on first application, so you do need to layer it up if you are going for that bolder look. 
It might sound ridiculous, but I find that my lips actually do look forward to having this applied to them in the mornings! My lips get quite dry, especially overnight, but nothing too excessive, and I really do find that my lips have something of a thirst for it when they know it is coming! Haha. As soon as I apply it, they feel lovely and soft and supple. What I really love about the lip butters is that, unlike lipsticks, they don't cling to any dry areas at all, and as they reflect the light  as well as moisturising, you get a really smooth and even effect.
I actually really wanted to dislike lip butters, just because I didn't believe that they could ever live up to the massive hype surrounding them when they were first released. The first time I used this, I even said  to my other half that it wasn't that great, and that I wasn't sure what the fuss was about. But strangely, the very next morning, when I applied it for the second time, my mind completely changed, and now I genuinely do love it and can't wait to get some more! I've now got my eye on Tutti Frutti, Raspberry Pie and Candy Apple....for starters. I love my lipsticks to bits, but I just find this lip butter to be much lower maintenance, as you don't have to be so precise and apply it absolutely perfectly. The wear time is ok, I'd say about a couple of hours if you don't eat or drink anything, but then I didn't really expect anything more. It's also the kind of product that I don't feel afraid to apply without a mirror if the need arises, whereas I wouldn't dare with lipsticks!
I would also like to suggest to those of you who don't really wear lipsticks, but are finding yourselves seduced (so to speak) by all the gorgeous lip colours out there at the moment, that you start with Lip Butters. They are a great way to ease yourselves into the world of bright lips, without being too scary and intense, and they're not sticky or runny, as most lipglosses tend to be (hands up who hates the lipgloss/hair/wind scenario!).

I'm afraid my camera was being a little bit uncooperative when it came to getting a swatch picture, but you can see one alongside my other favourite lipsticks in this post. I have included a couple of shots of me wearing Cherry Tart anyway though, as personally, I find it gives a much better idea of what to expect from a lip colour.

I hope you enjoyed this review. It's been a little bit more of a chatty one this time, I must be in one of those sorts of moods!

I would ask you if you have tried Lip Butters yet, and if so, what your favourite shade is, but I feel that some of you might already be bored with discussing that! If you're not, please do let me know in the comments below, and equally, if you have yet to pop your Lip Butter cherry, I'd love to know which shades are floating your boat and reeling you in.

Hope everyone has a lovely day.



  1. Loving this shade! Definitely gone on my wishlist, your skin is AMAZING btw! lol x

    1. It's really nice, I want all the shades!
      Do you think so? Thanks! I'm wearing Mac Matchmaster in these photos so maybe I have that to thank!?

  2. and here's a woman who can speak for the world on the qualities of revlon lip butters! hehe
    Mel you look so gorgeous in your photos.. This one definitely suits you well! I am saving up to purchase even one of these! (but there are so many i want!)
    Your hair is nice natural woman! no need to excuse it!

    rach xxxx

  3. This looks gorgeous on you, I had three more arrive the other day :D


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