Sunday, June 3, 2012

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara: Review

L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara, £10.99

This is currently my absolute favourite mascara, and I can honestly say that is the best one I have ever used.
I usually wear it in brown, but I do also have a black one which I like to switch it up with for nights out, for a more dramatic look.
As you can see, it comes in this lovely sturdy gold packaging,which I think is really nice and expensive looking.


After (one coat, top lashes only)

The mascara comes with a plastic wand and an anti-clump wiper inside the tube.Personally, I cannot stand having clumpy, spidery looking lashes. It completely defeats the object of mascara, in my eyes. I don't want to look like I'm wearing loads of mascara, I want to look as though I have naturally gorgeous, long, voluminous lashes!
Now, something I will mention just because I know there are a lot of you out there who can't stand fragranced cosmetics, is the fact that this one does have quite a strong, perfumey smell. For me, it is by no means unpleasant, and actually, I hadn''t even noticed it until I saw someone else mention it in a review! After I saw it, I went straight to get my mascara and took a big whiff, and was surprised to find that the reviewer was right. However, I still can't smell this when applying it unless I am really looking for it.
Volume Million Lashes is an absolute pro at separating and lengthening the lashes, and the formula is relatively thin compared to some other mascaras, which presumably helps to prevent clumps along with the 'wiper' inside. 
In the picture above, I am only wearing one coat of the mascara, but applying a second coat does plump up the volume a bit more and give you nice thick lashes, without looking too artificial. Something else I love about it is the staying power - after a full day's wear, it still looks freshly applied and my lashes remain beautifully curled, making my eyes appear nice and big. I actually haven't curled my eyelashes in the picture above because I wanted to show you what the mascara can do on it's own.
I've been using this product for about six months now and will most definitely be re-purchasing it. In fact, I have already stocked up on three more, thanks to the Boots three for two offer that was on including all cosmetic products for a while and ended a few weeks ago.
I love the beautiful, long, natural looking lashes Volume Million Lashes gives me, and would highly recommend it!

What's your favourite mascara?



  1. My fave mascara is the Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara. I don't know if it's only available in Asia but the wand is just fantastic! It comes with a comb brush instead of a spoolie so there is virtually no clumps at all! Give it a go if you can find it in where you live, darling! (:

    1. Thanks lovely, will have to give that one a try! Sounds good.

  2. I love this mascara, the chunky wand does wonders for my little lashes!

    & thank-you for your comments! I will try to get a review of the foundation up in the next couple of days as a few people have asked. I normally wear high end foundations too, but I do like that one :) x x


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