Friday, January 4, 2013

Video: December Favourites

Hello lovelies, what with all the excitement surrounding the end of the year, and trying to compile my favourites of 2012, I didn't quite get round to doing my December Favourites video. I tried out so many lovely new products last month, especially when it comes to makeup, and I really wanted to share with you despite us now being a few days into January, so I hope you enjoy having a little look at what I've been loving!
If you weren't already aware, I'm fairly new to Youtube, and I'm still learning when it comes to things like lighting, so please bear with me on that one. If you do like this video then why not hit the subscribe button or give me a thumbs up? I would never beg or insist that you watch my videos - that's entirely up to you -  but I always love getting a bit of feedback and reading your comments, as it's good to know what the general consensus is.
On that note, I will leave you to have a little watch if you wish, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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