Friday, February 8, 2013

Making Your Mind Up

Sometimes, despite having given products a fair chance and taken my time forming an opinion about them, later on I change my mind.
I've always thought it odd how some products can work so well for some, and yet do nothing for others, and it's even more baffling to see a product that started off doing wonders for you slowly deteriorate in performance, or vice versa.
Recently, I have noticed this happening with more than just one product in my vast collection, so I thought I would share my more recent thoughts on those with you, and compare them with my initial opinion.

Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream
I'm not going to lie, I expected a lot from this cream (being the Origins lover that I am) - some might say too much. This has been put on a pedestal and raved about non-stop across the beauty bloggasphere, so imagine my surprise when I cracked open a pot and found it didn't make the slightest bit of difference to my puffy eyes and dark circles (original review can be found here: Origins Gin Zing ).
Now, fast forward a few months, and I'll admit that I should probably be eating one or two of those words. Before you get too excited, no - I still don't think it's a miracle product. However, having tried other eye creams as well as going without, I can now see exactly what this does do for me. I maintain the fact that it doesn't do a whole lot for puffiness, although it does help ever so slightly. But what this does do is brighten the under-eye area quite considerably, thus reducing the appearance of dark circles. So, if you are thinking of giving this product a chance, then do so on the understanding that this is not going to work miracles, but that it will help a bit. If you do that, then you won't be disappointed - and let's face it, there isn't a product out there that will dramatically improve your under-eye area (if you think there is then please do share!).

Redken All-Soft Shampoo
Quite the contrary when it comes to this one. I'll keep it short and sweet: I thought this was the best conditioner ever - in fact, it even featured in my Best of 2012 posts. Turns out, it's pretty average. In the beginning, when my hair was terribly dry and damaged, this made it silky soft and manageable again. But these days, I find myself stuck with dry ends regardless, and I no longer feel my hair relax when applying it in the shower, as I did those first few times. I have no idea why -perhaps it's done all it can for me and that's it's limit.
( Original review: Redken All-Soft Conditioner)

Garnier Intensive Seven-Day Body Lotion
Excuse the foreign version. 
if you read my original review of this, you'll know that I thought it was pretty fabulous. On the very first application, I was in awe of how soft and hydrated it left my skin feeling, and finally began to feel that body-moisturising was actually worth it. However, a couple of months down the line, I don't really find that it does much.

Now, I'm prepared to concede that perhaps the truth with these last two is possibly just that I've got used to their effects. Perhaps my hair is much silkier than it was before I began using Redken All Soft, and perhaps my skin is just as soft and smooth as it was in the beginning, but I now take it for granted and no longer realise it?

I'd be really interested to know if any of you have had any similar experiences with products you've tried, and what your theories are on the matter!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.



  1. I find this a lot too and I think you're right, we just get used to products. Often a break makes all the difference. And I too am looking for that miracle eye cream. No joy yet :) xx

    1. Yes, it's annoying though as that feeling of satisfaction when you find a good product doesn't often last xx

  2. That's such a great idea for a post, I often change my opinion about products I have too! I really wanna try Redken and Origin products they are on my wishlist :) xxx

    1. Thanks Nuala, glad it's not just me!
      I have a list as long as my arm of fantastic Origins products I could recommend!xx

  3. I find this with products, I often give products a second chance to make sure I don't like them. I easily get bored of products too. x

    1. Same! This is why I very rarely do empties posts, as unless a product really impresses me I tend to move onto something else before long!xx

  4. Great post. I love Ginzing but only use it in the mornings for brightening and use a thicker one for evenings x

    1. Yes, same - I currently use Caudalie Eye and Lip cream at night but am always on the lookout for something new :)xx


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