Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Crop Jumper, Topshop  -  Studded Clutch, Topshop  -  Honeysuckle and Jasmine Scented Candle, Busy Bee Candles  -  Rodial Bee Venom Eye, Feel Unique  -  Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer, Boots  - Pyramid Stud Earrings, Topshop  -  High-Waisted Embroidered Shorts, Miss Selfridge  -  Stone Stud Boots, Miss Selfridge  -  Lotus and Orange Blossom Bio-Affinity Toner, Pai  -   Striped Jeans, Topshop  -  Crop Jumper, Topshop

The shops are starting to fill up with gorgeous attire that hints at the up-coming Spring/Summer season, and I for one am thrilled. It's time to swap black boots for lighter tones such as stone and camel, and bare those legs in aztec-print shorts.
Of course, for me, there has already been quite a lot of leg-bearing over the past month or so, as it's extremely hot over here at the moment, but that only makes me all the more eager to get my hands on some of the lovely new pieces Topshop and Miss Selfridge have to offer.
Of course, in the UK you can never rely on the weather, so these gorgeous crop jumpers will come in extra-handy for throwing on with a pair of shorts when the evening chill sets in.
Moving onto beauty, I'm intrigued by the new Rodial Bee Venom Eye treatment.  I'm not going to moan about my eyes again, because you already know that this would be the sort of thing I'd be lusting after - and why. However, I'm sad to say that at £115 for 25ml, there is no way I will be welcoming this one through my letterbox any time soon (that's why this is a wish list!).
I'm nearing the end of my beloved Suti Organic Peppermint Water toner, and while I'd very happily stick with it, the blogger in me is craving something new to try. Being a big fan of the Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, their delightful-sounding Lotus and Orange Blossom Bio Affinity Toner would more than likely be just my cup of tea. However, once again it's the price that's putting me off, as never before have I forked out £30 for a toner and I'm not sure whether I want to start - it's a slippery slope...
I'm feeling the need to fill the house with spring-like scents at the moment, so this Honeysuckle and Jasmine Candle from Busy Bee Candles fits the bill just perfectly, and last but not least, I need to finally pop some Rimmel Apocalips into my shopping basket, as they look like real beauties and there are some lovely shades for warmer weather.

What's on your wishlist this week?



  1. Ooh great wishlist:) I love the Rimmel Apocolips, I picked up Celestial and it's such a pretty shade. I'm hoping to pick up some more soon xx

  2. I love rimmel apocalips in big band and those topshop jeans are so cool


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey!

    1. Yjanks lovely, I can't wait to try Apocalips!xx

  3. Fab selection! That jar candle is just p my street. Love the Aztec shorts too. X

  4. ohh that candle looks lovery, looks like a jar of honey! X


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