Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MUA Bronzed Perfection Bronzer

In need of a new bronzer, I was reluctant to fork out for another expensive one, having only been disappointed with the quality in the past. Frankly, Bronzer is one product that I'm confident I can go low-end for and find a pretty good product, and when it ca to MUA Bronzed Perfection, I wasn't wrong.

On first impressions, this bronzer is already a winner, coming in an enormous plastic compact for just £3. I can honestly say that I won't need to think about finding another bronzer in a loooong time, as this will last me practically forever.
There was a slight blip when it came to opening the compact. I don't know whether I just ended up with a faulty one, but I have never found a product so difficult to pise open before - not ideal for a hurried morning makeup routine or freshly manicured nails.
This aside, I find the product to be the perfect bronzey shade, and while it suits my skin tone I have no doubt that it's a pretty universal shade. It's really soft in texture and blends like a dream, giving me the healthy glow I've been craving for some time. An added bonus, in my eyes, is that it doesn't contain any shimmer, as it's not my cup of tea and often it can be hard to track down a decent matte bronzer.
Once again, MUA has come up trumps here - this product is a complete bargain and easily matches up to some of the more expensive, high-end products.

Have you tried anything from MUA?
What's your favourite product?



  1. Oooh I need a new bronzer so I'll have to check this out :)

    Jazz x

  2. Looks quite good! Might have to check that out when mine runs out! xo

  3. This is very exciting news to me!!!! I currently own an urban decay bronzer and prior to that a Nars one....both pretty pricey but I ended up forking out as I could find anything on the high street that blended well enough for me....I am definitely going to pick one of these up....can't go too wrong for £3!!!!

  4. I'll totally have to give this a go for the price it sounds amazing! Love MUA products especially their eye shadow palettes :)

    Lauren xx

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  6. I wish we could get MUA here in Canada~! :) This bronzer looks amazing! I love your blog! I'm following! I would love if you stopped by mine sometime :D

  7. I love MUA and loved the size of this thing, but I just don't "do" bronzer.... recently got their shimmerkiss blush though!

    Lizzums x

  8. This looks amazing, and I've yet to try any MUA! I also prefer my bronzer with no shimmer, so I think I'd love this. :) How does it compare to Hoola?

  9. I was testing these yesterday and im just not sure they will ever replace my belove BeneFit Hoola xx


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