Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Catch-Up

Happy Monday, everyone. I realise that's somewhat ironic, considering most people are anything but come Monday morning, but as this post is going up as we're nearing the end of the working day, hopefully things have improved a bit on that front by now!
You may have noticed that I didn't manage to get any posts up over the weekend, and that is because I've been holed up in bed with a lovely bout of the flu since Friday. I'm still here now actually, but I've just about managed to muster the energy to put what should have been yesterday's post together today, which is basically just supposed to be a bit of a Sunday chitchat about the week gone by along with my Instagram snaps from the week.
It was a pretty standard one to be honest, and being ill I can't currently recall anything particularly exciting to tell you. My head feels as though it is stuffed full of cotton wool, which means that besides not being able to hear anything, my mind isn't quite in it's usual working order either! I can't seem to remember anything that happened before Friday, but since then I have been house-bound, so I have been watching countless Youtube videos, sleeping and trying to read a book, and not much else. So perhaps less of the chitchat than usual. Let's all just ignore that fact and behold the photos instead, and I will get back to you with a more exciting post tomorrow.
Hope you all have a great week.



  1. I hope you feel a bit better now Mel! Having a quiet week to recover seems like the best idea, I always catch up on books and youtube when i'm feeling rubbish
    Poppy | far away xx

  2. Bananas on toast, yum :) hope you feel better soon x


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