Friday, May 3, 2013

What I Wore

    Leather-Look Shorts, River Island  //  China-Print Shirt, New Look  //  Leopard Print Boots, Ebay  //  Statement Necklace, New Look  //  Chunky Pyramid Stud Bracelet, Ebay  //  Sunglasses, Zara  //  Tan Studded Clutch, Primark (old)

Hello lovelies, I'm posting a bit later in the day than usual, but that's down to not having taken any snaps of this outfit in advance as I really did wear it today. I've also popped up two sets of photos, basically because I couldn't decide which one to go for!
It's still nice and sunny here, so I went with my trusty leather-look shorts from River Island and teamed them with my new china-print shirt and statement necklace, both from New Look. On my feet, I'm wearing some suede black and leopard-print ankle boots, and I've finished the look with a pair of Zara sunglasses and a Primark clutch, which is actually pretty old but is still going strong! Nail-wise, I chose this pretty pastel green, which is called Talisman, from a Brazilian brand called Ellen Gold. Unfortunately you can't get these in the UK, but this one is a really similar shade to Essie Mint Candy Apple, but I'd say it's definitely brighter and slightly less milky.
Today I've been busy running errands with the hubby - just boring stuff like paying bills etc. - and we spent the afternoon reading our books at our local coffee shop, which is always a nice way to wind down on a Friday. I'm currently reading The Age of Miracles, by Karen Thompson Walker, and I'd love to know if any of you have read it and what your thoughts were.
I've also been busy taking photos for up-coming posts, and this evening my plan is to catch up with a couple of people on Skype, burn my new Spring Yankee Candle, in Peach Orchard, and as is customary on a Friday night, do a spot of pampering. I am loving several face masks at the moment, and finding them really effective, so I've been looking forward to it even more than usual.
I do have a few more bits to chat to you about from this week, but I'll save them for my Sunday Catch-Up post, otherwise I'll have nothing left to say!
Hope everyone's had a good week and that there's a fantastic weekend ahead for us all!



  1. Oooo love this, that shirt is gorgeous! xx

  2. This looks such a nice summery outfit, we've certainly had some nice weather to warrant it though :) the shirt is so nice!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. This such a cute oufti! I love the print on your blouse.

  4. You really do rock the shorts and shirt look Mel :-) xx

    1. Thanks Sasha, they do seem to be my 'uniform' at the moment, haha xx

  5. Hey,

    You look lovely in these pics and outfit, i have to say i have legs envy!! :)

    Love the blouse, boots and necklace...oh and the nails. Such a fabulous colour.



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