Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Nourish Balance Mini Kit

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the wonderful Nourish Argan Skin Rescue (click to read review), and along with that product, which as I mentioned has now become a nightly staple in my routine, I was also very kindly sent the Nourish Balance Mini Kit* to try out.
This came at a great time for me, as only recently has my skin transformed itself from 'normal' to 'combination' - my t-zone is now quite oily, and as I'm sure you've heard me mention, I've been suffering from breakouts too. So I was really excited to get started with this lovely little set, and see what good it could do for my skin. After putting it to the test for some time, as I find to be necessary with any skincare regime, I now feel ready to share my thoughts with you .
What I love about Nourish is that when creating their skincare ranges, they take into account not only the different skin-types we are all 'blessed' with, but also individual lifestyles and needs. Their natural, anti-ageing range of products aim to optimise skin health around the life that you lead as well as providing all the daily nourishment it needs to keep it in tip-top condition.
There are four different ranges available from Nourish, including 'Radiance' for normal skin, 'Protect' for dry skin, and 'Relax' for sensitive skin. As I said, I was sent the 'Balance' kit, which is aimed at combination skin.
The mini-kit contains 50ml of the Balance Detoxifying Cleanser, 50ml of the Balance Refining Toning Mist, 15ml of the Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum, and 15ml of the Balance Essential Moisturiser, and is available to buy for £24.95 - great for anyone wanting to dip their toe in the water.

Nourish Balance Detoxifying Cleanser*
This is quite a liquidy, lotion-like cream cleanser, containing a balancing blend of emollients and apple extract to leave the skin feeling fresh and clean, as well as helping to restore the skin's natural barrier.
The instructions suggest applying a small amount of this to the face with a cotton wool pad and then rinsing with cool water, but I don't personally enjoy using my cleansers this way, so instead I just massaged it into my face before removing it with a warm flannel/face cloth. When wearing makeup, it's obviously advisable to double cleanse - once to remove it, and then once to deep cleanse. I did find that this removed all traces of makeup after two cleanses, and it has such a lovely, gentle fragrance of green apple that it was a pleasure to use. It always left my skin feeling soft and well-hydrated, ready for the next step in my routine. It's 80% organic., and comes in at a bargainous £9.95 for the full-size 100ml bottle.

Nourish Balance Refining Toning Mist*
Again, this has the pleasant fragrance of apples, and comes in a spray bottle so that it can be spritzed onto the face after cleansing. I'm still going with this one, and find it refreshing in the mornings as well as being a welcome pick-me up throughout the day, so I do, on occasion, pop this one in my handbag for whenever the mood takes me. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this restores the natural pH level of the skin, which is obviously great for helping to balance things out and keep them on a level. It's also 97% organic, and for a full-size 100ml bottle you would pay just £8.95.

Nourish Balance Nutritious Peptide Serum*
This is a really light, hydrating serum which I find leaves my skin looking much brighter after use. Again, it's choc-full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, has the same delightful fragrance and helps to renew the skin's natural surface. For me, one pump is more than enough for the whole face, and I tend to apply it to my neck too. It's strange to think that in the past, I didn't bother with serums, as they are now an integral part of my daily skincare routine. It's 80% organic, and will set you back £16.95 for a full-size 30ml bottle, making it the priciest of the bunch.

Nourish Balance Essential Moisturiser*
I think this is probably my favourite product of the four. It's a light, 89% organic cream complex containing sebum-controlling properties, and sinks easily into the skin upon application, with no greasiness whatsoever. I personally find it really difficult to find suitable moisturising creams that suit both my face and neck, but this one works nicely and doesn't cause any breakouts, which for me is a rarity. The full size comes in at £14.95 for a 50ml jar.

In all, I've really enjoyed using this range, and will definitely be repurchasing. The mini kit is ideal for keeping on hand for weekends away or unexpected road-trips, and there are also full-size gift-sets available for each range, priced at £45 - that's a saving of £5.80 compared to buying each product individually.
I have to say, while I've been having some problems with breakouts and oiliness, I noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my skin within the first couple of days of use - it became much calmer and better balanced, as well as looking a lot fresher and generally healthier. Whatever your skin-type, I'd definitely recommend giving Nourish a try, as with such high levels of lovely, natural ingredients you're bound to be doing yourself a favour.

Nourish is available to buy directly from their website, and also from Feel Unique.

Do you like using natural and organic skincare?
If so, what are your favourite products?



  1. I got this set but wasn't that keen. It wasn't bad but it didnt wow me. x

    1. I wouldn't say it blew me away either, but I did find it nice and think it would be good to have on hand for travel xx

  2. The packaging is so cute and clean - love it. Hmm, the serum seems like something I'd need. My skin is so dehydrated lately it's so crazy! x

    1. Yes, it's really simple, which I think says a lot about them as a brand - they tend to use lots of natural goodies and avoid over-complicating the formulae :)xx


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