Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mini Review: Nature's Extracts Indulgent Fig and Orange Oil Bath & Body Range

                         Nature's Extracts Indulgent Fig & Orange Oil Bath & Body Range                               

I present to you, the most incredible smelling bath and body range I have stumbled across in quite some while. And by quite some while, I might possibly mean ever.

I happened upon the Nature's Extracts Indulgent Fig & Orange Oil collection when hunting for tree presents in  the Marks & Spencer beauty section back at Christmas time, and couldn't resist sneaking a few of them into my shopping basket along with the gifts I'd chosen for everybody else. The fragrance is really  juicy, with just the right balance of zinginess and sweetness, and the products themselves are wonderful too.
The handcream is a snip at just £1, and I always keep one in my handbag or on my desk at work for a bit of a pick-me-up whenever my hands are feeling dry or tired. I must admit, I often pop some on just for the sake of it, as I enjoy the fragrance that much.
The Moisturising Body Butter is thick and luxurious, a dense cream that leaves the skin feeling soft as can be. An absolute dream to apply after my daily shower, and just the right scent for spring.
The only slight qualm I have is with the Shower Gel - but not because there's anything wrong with it. Personally, I much prefer shower creams to gels, as I find that they leave my skin feeling more comfortable after use, so I'd like to have this option in the range. However, the gel smells equally as incredible as the other products and combining the three is an absolute joy. 

All the Nature's Extract products are extremely purse friendly - ranging from £1 - £2.50, with the exception of the Body Butter, which comes in at £5. There are also a selection of other fragrances to choose from if fig and orange aren't your cup of tea - try Peach & Almond, Lemon Verbena, Coconut and Aloe Vera, to name but a few.

Have you tried the Nature's Extract range before? If so, what is your favourite find?



  1. hehe I'm obsessed with this range too. I love everything figgy ;) xx

  2. All of these scents sound amazing!! I completely forget about the Marks & Spencer beauty section, I need to pay one a visit! xx


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