Friday, May 2, 2014

The Weekly Selection

This one has been sitting in my drafts since the last time I blogged, and I thought I had might as well let it see the light of day, in spite of being a couple of weeks old. The only reason it wasn't posted earlier was because, as you may have noticed, I haven't posted everything. We've been on the move again, and unfortunately that meant that once again, I was without the luxury of internet - at least, on anything other than my phone, and personally, I find blogging solely through an iphone little short of a nightmare. The uploading of photos and the adding of links both become unnecessarily difficult, and I wanted to wait until I was all set up again, as I strongly dislike the feeling of not being able to do things properly.
Luckily, all of the products in today's post are still very much up there with my favourites - particularly the Revlon lipstick in Cherries in the Snow. I can honestly say that I have finally found my perfect shade of red - it suits me down to the ground, and has barely been off my lips since I picked it up a few weeks ago. A true cherry red, it's bright but wearable, and truly flattering. It's love.
I'm a die hard fan of Topshop's cream blushes, and with spring well and truly in the air, I've been only too happy to dig them out. Morning Dew is a new addition to my collection, and I couldn't be happier - it gives a subtle, dewy, peachy glow, and really wakes up my complexion.
I have often wished I could apply a perfect line of winged liner, and while I'm still a long way from perfecting the classic winged look, the L'oreal Blackbuster Superliner is the closest I've ever been. With a chunky felt-tip style nib, it's really easy to apply, and doesn't smudge or fade to grey like lots of similar formulations do. A definite winner for makeup on the go.
Last but not least, the Balance Me Radiance Oil* has been making something of a reappearance in my routine. A couple of drops, patted gently into the skin after my evening toner, leave me with a healthy glow come morning time, and have helped me through the seasonal transition no end.

In the background, you might have spotted my current favourite candle - Diptyque Noisetier. It's by far my favourite candle for spring. If you want to hear more of my thoughts on it then I'll be posting a review next week.

Now, time to enjoy the bank holiday weekend - my plans consist of a long hot bath (the water pressure is finally back to normal so I can actually fill the tub!) and catching up on some of my favourite blogs this evening. Tomorrow is breakfast, Body Balance and drinks with friends, and if the weather permits, a trip to the seaside on Sunday :) As for Monday, I think I'll wait and see.

Hope everyone has a lovely few days off work.

Which products have you been loving this week?



  1. Morning dew looks like such a lovely shade - I love the finish of Topshop blushes! :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

    1. I would happily buy them all! If you haven't got this one yet then I'd definitely recommend it :) xx

  2. I used to go to Body Balance classes and loved it, I'm just not very good at keeping exercise related things up!! I keep reading some great reviews about L'Oreal products at the moment, I may have to make a few purchases! I want to try the Telescopic mascara too xx

    1. Yes, I know the feeling - something is always getting in my way! I haven't been feeling well this week so that's thrown a spanner in the works. I've tried the Telescopic, not personally a fan but my mum loves it! Ha xx

  3. The Balance Me Face Oil sounds so good, I always read really good reviews on that stuff.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. It's really nice. I've got a few new oils I've been testing though, so watch out for a collective oils post, coming shortly xx


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