Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Catch-Up

Hello lovelies, it was my birthday on Thursday, so on Wednesday some of the lovely teenagers I teach decided to surprise me during their class with a homemade birthday cake and candles! It was so sweet of them, and while I often say that teaching wasn't my calling in life, it's classes like this lovely lot that make it all seem worth it.
Thursday was the big day itself, but unfortunately I had to work, and I was really tired by the time I finished, so the hubby and I just popped out for a casual pizza for dinner, and he brought me out a huge, yummy birthday cake when we got home (goodness knows how the two of us are going to eat it all! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture).
We both had Friday off, so we decided to go on a bit of a trip away. We drove to Vitoria, the state capital, where the shopping commenced! I got a fair few items of clothing in Zara (on Friday just a dress and some jeans, but we went back the next day for more!) as well as a few bits in Mac (posts and videos coming soon!). I spent absolutely ages in the Mac shop, as the sales assistant wanted to try out lots of different things on me, and I was obviously happy to oblige as it's always nice to have a go with products you might not have thought of buying yourself and see whether or not they are your cup of tea.
The hubby also surprised me with a bottle of Nina Ricci perfume, which is the one I used to wear when we met and haven't had in years. I'd mentioned to him a couple of weeks before that I'd smelt it on someone, and how nostalgic it had made me feel, so it was a really lovely present and I've been loving wearing it ever since! It smells amazing.
We had a delicious mezze for lunch, followed up later by coffee and cheesecake, and after a walk on the beach we popped back to the hotel to chill out with a cocktail, before getting ready for an evening out.
I wore my new Zara dress, which I am absolutely in love with, and we went for the most amazing Italian meal. I had a black rice rosotto of calamari and octopus, and the hubby had seabass in a delicate lemon and ginger sauce, served with black rice risotto (both ah-mazing). Afterwards, we went to a nearby Samba bar and had a few tangerine, ginger and basil Caipisakes (Sake cocktails - the flavour might sound random, but they are absolutely divine!). We did fancy going out for a bit of a dance, but there wasn't really anything going on, so after that we called it a night.
Saturday saw more shopping (we always enjoy going to Vitoria, as where we are based the availability of anything international is extremely limited), and this time we stopped off for iced coffees at a book shop cafe and I was able to get my hands on a UK magazine and a book in English, which is always a treat.
We drove back yesterday evening after a bit of time on the beach, as the hubby had to go to work, and today we've had a bit of a lazy morning and are just off out for lunch now.
I've had a fantastic weekend, and it more than made up for Thursday itself being a bit of an anti-climax!
What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. Sounds like you had a fab birthday even though the day itself was a bit quiet! Can't wait to see what you got from MAC!

    1. I did! Friday and Saturday more than made up for it :) Video and post on my birthday beauty bits up tomorrow xx

  2. I'm so glad you had a happy birthday!! And lots of good food and shopping, it seems. Two things that always make me happy :)

    1. Same here! Ha, we are fickle creatures, aren't we ;)xx

  3. That sounds like a fab birthday Mel! The Risotto looks scrummy. The weather was rubbish here in Dorset this weekend, so I spent some of it cramming for an exam I have this week and the rest of the weekend procrastinating rather than studying! x

    1. It was really nice Kay :) Sorry to hear the weather was rubbish your way, fingers crossed for spring to rear its head soon!xx


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