Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I Wore: The Birthday Edition

Dress, Zara // Collar Necklace, Ebay // Pyramid Stud Bracelet, Ebay // Shoes, Primark 

Afternoon lovelies, hope everyone is having a great week so far. 
I won't bore you with the details about my birthday again, but I did promise that I'd share the outfit I wore out for the evening's celebrations with you today, so here it is.
I picked up this lovely dress from Zara on Friday. It's so comfy, as it's actually made of a kind of jersey material, making it the perfect partner for a delicious meal out at a restaurant - there's nothing worse than wearing something made of a really rigid material and then eating lots, as it's just so uncomfortable! Anyway, I managed to avoid getting any kind of a food baby, and found the dress so comfy and flattering. It's been such a long time since I've treated myself to, or worn an LBD.
Accessories-wise, I went for a pair of black velvet peep-toes from Primark to give me a bit of height and dress things up a bit, and a collar necklace and bracelet I tracked down on Ebay (I love getting jewellery from Ebay, as you can find some really unique pieces).
On my nails, I chose a pop of colour in the form of Revlon Plum Seduction, which is such a gorgeous, vibrant colour and has a really glossy finish. Unfortunately though, I didn't get round to snapping them until they were already looking a little bit less than their best, but never mind - you get the idea.

So that is everything in the outfit department, keep an eye out for a video and post on some of the beauty goodies I received, which will probably be up tomorrow. That will be the last of the birthday-related posts though, so if you are tired of hearing about it then you should be good from Thursday onwards!



  1. You look lovely Mel! I love the cut out detail on the dress it's so unusual but pretty and your shoes are amazing too, would never have guessed they were Primark - I can never find the good stuff! xx

    1. Thanks Jo :) I know what you mean about Primark, it can be a bit hit and miss - they never have the best stuff in my hometown!xx

  2. You look gorgeous!! Glad you had a good night :)

    Jen xxx

  3. I love the dress, it's so perfect!

  4. I love that Zara dresses, it really suits you lovely! x


  5. You look gorgeous.
    Elegant and sophisticated!

  6. I love the dress! Sounds like you had a nice meal :-) xx

  7. Swit swoo! You look amazing in that dress!

    I've been missing from rte blogosphere again, looking forward to catching up tonight!


  8. Wow that dress is gorgeous!! Really does suit you :)
    Elle xo

  9. I was impressed, quite a bit more 'heavy duty' than I expected. This is definitely a genuine sheepskin jackets. I wear this almost every day. Super comfortable, so soft, love its stylish design and great workmanship with high quality leather from www.cwmalls.com. Fit is good for me.

  10. Gorgeous dress. Love the necklace! M x

  11. Simply stunning Mel as always! Totally get you on the food baby front, nothing like something with a bit of give in it when you are dining. Have a fab weekend x


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