Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner

In the past, I'll admit to having been a bit of a snob when it comes to haircare. Bar Aussie, I have always assumed that the higher-end salon brands were where it was at if you really wanted to take care of your tresses, and a while back I stocked up on many a treatment to pamper my dry, damaged ends, post-ombre.
But truth be told, many of those were disappointments, and I was left feeling dismayed at having spent my hard-earned pennies on something that wasn't up to scratch. After that, I resolved to give the high-street brands I could find in the supermarket a fairer hearing, and one of the products that I have found along the way is the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner (mine is called the Daily Treatment Conditioner as I picked it up abroad).
With 3x the nourishing power of a standard conditioner, this offers the benefits of a richer treatment mask in the form of a practical daily conditioner. Salon-smooth locks in just one minute a day? Sounds pretty good, doesn't it. 
The weightless nutri-oils - a  revolutionary lightweight blend of argan, coconut and almond oils - soak rapidly into the hair, providing super-doses of vitamins E and F to leave locks soft, amooth, shiny and full of life.
I started using this straight after I re-ombred my hair at home, and was expecting my ends to be dry, brittle and frizzy, but after slapping this on and wrapping my hair in a towel for a good ten minutes (I know, it defeats the object of it being an 'express' treatment, but the longer the better when your hair has spent the last hour soaked in peroxide, in my eyes!) I was pleasantly surprised. My hair was soft and healthy-looking, which at this stage was more than I could have hoped for! I've continued to use this around three times a week (I tend to wash my hair every other day) and I'm really happy with the results. My locks are smooth, shiny and manageable - definitely worthy of a repurchase, and at just £1.69 in Boots, it won't break the bank either.
Are you a fan of Dove haircare? What are your favourite products?


  1. I have to say, I too am a haircare snob. I spend a blinking fortune colouring my hair and therefore I tend to use some of the more expensive brands. Although I've been very unimpressed with Mark Hill products recently! But I have to say I did recently try some of the Dove haircare as I got a shampoo free with a magazine a while ago and I was really impressed. I would definitely purchase a full sized product x

  2. I can be a bit of a hair snob too but I've been wondering about the Dove range and very nearly picked a deep conditioner up last week. This looks ideal (love the oil factor) and at that price I'll definitely be giving it a go! xx

  3. I've been favouring higher end brands but this sounds great and what a bargain. My hair is being re highlighted soon so I'll definitely be picking this up x

  4. My hair is naturally curly so I'm always picky on what I put on it, But I'm always willing to try new things to keep it healthy!! Your hair looks fabulous!! hair care treatment


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