Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Christmas Lust List

I'm back!!
I know it might have seemed as if I'd abandoned blogland there for a while, but actually it couldn't be further from the truth. It has been a busy (understatement of the year) few weeks for us, getting settled back into the UK, staying with family and finally moving into our own place, and once we did get here we still had to wait another month to get the internet installed! It was finally all sorted this weekend, and I couldn't be happier to be able to resurrect this little slice of the internet and get back into the swing of things!
With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it about time I rounded up all of the little goodies I've had my eye on throughout the year, but just haven't been able to pop into my shopping basket. Christmas is a great opportunity to try out the things you just can't justify buying for yourself - like, for example, expensive candles!! Now, don't get me wrong - it's not that I want other people to spend their money so that I don't have to. It's just that, traditionally I do find that family like to spoil each other at Christmas, and the best gifts are always the ones you've been lusting after for the greatest amount of time!
Diptyque, Hourglass and Jo Malone have long been  brands I have coveted, yet I've never been able to make anything mine - true, I probably could have, but truth be told, there are usually more important things to spend my money on than, say, household fragrances. As much as I'd love to pop a luxury candle on my mantlepiece, or add an expensive face powder to my makeup bag, sometimes I just can't bring myself to part with the cash.

What's on your lust list? Is there anything you've had your eye on all year that you're hoping to finally get your hands on?

It's good to be back!



  1. Wonderful items - if you do get Philosykos , I hope you do a review since I'd love to get this as well :o). Xx


  2. I'm really lusting over the ambient lighting powders too, they look super pretty!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. I'd love to try a Diptyque candle! Obsessed with candles right now. Good to have you back xx

  4. Oh I see lots of candles and lots of Ditypqe - it's a list to my heart. Figuier is the best fig-scented candle for fig beginners and die-hard fig lovers. Just finished mine, am saving up for a new one now x

    9 out of ten | follow me on bloglovin

  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?


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