Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Scents: Yankee Candle Fruit-a-licious Collection

I'm a sucker for a scented candle, especially throughout the winter months, but often, when it comes to the warmer I forget all about them, what with spending less and less time indoors, and more and more out in the sunshine.
This time around, however, I've found myself pining for some deliciously summery scents to fragrance my house with - fruity or floral offerings to target the senses and lift the spirits.

Of course, Yankee Candle rarely fail to disappoint on any score, so I was excited to try out these three little treats from the Yankee Candle Fruit-a-licious Collection. I was kindly sent Black Plum Blossom*, 
Orange Splash* and Sweet Apple* to put through their paces, and boy did they hit the spot. My favourite scent  is definitely Black Plum Blossom, but sadly, the one I received arrived without a wick! I must admit, it's quite the tease having it sitting there on my mantlepiece and not being able to light it.
Orange Splash and Sweet Apple are both as deliciously juicy as you might expect, and at times I almost feel as if I'm relaxing in an orchard rather than on the sofa.

What I really love about Yankees is the way that they give off a rich  aroma, without being too overpowering. Where some candles might be that bit too pungent and bring on a headache, or leave you feeling somewhat nauseous, these get it just right, every single time.

Priced at £7.99 each for an impressive 25-40 hours' burn time, the smaller jars are a great way to try out a selection of fragrances in one go, and if you're more of a floral fan then the new Beautiful Blooms collection sounds right up your street.

Do you have a favourite home fragrance for summer? Which candles are you currently burning?



  1. Oh wow wow wow, I love orange and I love apple candles these sound beyond amazing! x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. They are, the plum one is even better though!xx

  2. Ooohhhh I like the look of these, I love Yankees :-)

  3. I love Yankee candles, though I always seem to go for the sweet/baked scents. I bought a Vanilla Lime one a few weeks ago and it's amazing! I'll have to take a look for the Black Plum Blossom though, it sounds divine!


    1. Ooh, that sounds like an interesting one! Must try it xx


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