Monday, June 30, 2014

The Health Series: Savse Smoothies

I try to drink smoothies as often as I can, as I think they are a great way or cramming extra fruit and vegetables into my diet - especially on day when perhaps I'm a bit too busy to ensure that I get enough portions from my meals. Pre-bottled drinks are just so easy to sling in my bag as I rush out the door to work, and I'll often have one at my desk, but recently I found myself frustrated at the lack of options in my local supermarkets. There are plenty of fruity options, but when you really look, those containing vegetables are few and far between - something which surprises me, considering the popularity of green juices and smoothies in recent years. So, it was a case of making them myself, which although better in the health department is extremely time-consuming, not to mention messy.

I was delighted when Savse got in touch to tell me all about their range of bottled, fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, and couldn't wait to give them a go. I was sent five delicious flavours to try ( I naughtily managed to drink my favourite one before i was able to photograph it!):

1. Super Green* (broccoli, pear, spinach & kale with kiwi, lemon & banana)
2. Super Antioxidants* ( blueberry, kale,  beetroot, spinach, blackberry & apple)
3. Antioxidant* (beetroot, apple, avocado, lime with mango & lemon)
4. Vitamin C* (strawberry, broccoli, celery, kale, orange & spinach)
5. Super Yellow* (mango, carrot, passion fruit, pineapple & Yoghurt)

The smoothies are cold-pressed, which means no heat is applied as in common preparation methods. This means that the majority of vitamins and minerals are preserved, meaning greater health benefits and more value for money.

I loved Super Green the best - not only did it taste incredible, but there is something about green drinks that makes me feel really positive throughout the day. It makes me happy knowing that I'm getting an extra hit of vitamins and minerals, and you can never have too many green vegetables in your diet. For those of you who aren't keen on veggie juices, worry not - the fruit content means it tastes delicious and is sweet enough to mask any savoury flavours - although personally, I enjoy them either way.

The Super Antioxidant and Antioxidant juices were a close second. I am a huge fan of juices based around beetroot, and the addition of ingredients such as blueberries, avocado (my favourite!), spinach, kale and apple makes for a really enjoyable combination. Again, these are pleasantly sweet - but not overly so, as some smoothies and juices can be at times.

I thoroughly enjoyed sampling all of the juices, and will be looking for ways to stock up - as yet, they aren't available in my area, but check out the Savse website to find out if they are near you.


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