Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Summer Series: Review: Label M Texturising Volume Spray

I am constantly on the lookout for products which will help me achieve lasting volume and texture in my hair, and come the summer months, there is nothing I like more than milking the 'undone' look. Hair that is too styled in the warmer weather just doesn't last, as the heat tends to play havoc with any sprays, powders or mousses used, leaving me with a lacklustre and oily-looking mess. It's not oily, of course - the products just seem to melt, and styles flop. I really heavily on dry shampoo for a bit of a boost, never replacing actual hairwashes but using it to soak up any excess oil in between, but I often find it doesn't plump up my hair to the level I'd like, and it certainly doesn't provide much hold.

Enter, Label M Texturising Volume Spray*. This stuff is designed to inject volume and texture into the hair, providing an instant back-combed effect. It's a non-sticky, dry mist spray, boasting the texture of dry shampoo with the hold of a good hairspray.
Sprayed liberally into the roots of the hair and then (for want of a better expression) mussed up with hands to further boost volume, this gives my hair some nice lift. Backcomb it yourself for added and longer-lasting volume, and you've got even bigger hair. Sadly, my hair doesn't ever want to stay put, and often loses its volume before long. While this was still the case, the Label M Texturising Volume Spray certainly out-performs other sprays I've tried, and I have found that it works well in helping me achieve that toussled look on curled or wavy hair.
I'd be careful spraying it through the lengths of your hair, as it can make it difficult to brush through afterwards - if you're wanting to do this then make sure you've styled your hair as you want it beforehand.

In conclusion, I really like this spray, and have often found myself reaching for it to inject some life into second-day hair. Having experimented a fair bit, I don't tend to use much of it on freshly-washed hair - mainly for the sake of convenience, as it does tend to mean I have to wash my hair again the next day. I'm not a fan of the feeling you get when you brush out a hairstyle, as I find my hair does, at that point, begin to feel a bit sticky - not something related to this product in particular, but any and all.

Saying that, I do tend to spray in a minimal amount into just-washed hair on occasion, as I do find that this is when my hair is at its flattest. When it's soft, shiny and slippery it is reluctant to hold a style, so a quick and sparing spritz can definitely help with this. I save going wild for day number two, which is usually when you'll catch me with the biggest bed-head!

I'll definitely be repurchasing as this is a great multi-tasker and a good secret weapon to keep on hand for those lacklustre hair days.

Do you have any favourite sprays or powders for adding interest to boring hair styles?
What do you use to gain that bit of added volume or texture?



  1. I've been contemplating buying this product for ages now! Great post and lovely blog xx
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  2. Oohhh I've been eyeing up texturising sprays today so glad you wrote about this!

    1. It's a good one, affordable compared to most, too.


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