Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Memory Lane

This week's Memory Lane photo was taken in July 2010. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and my sister and I decided to go on a little roadtrip together to make the most of it, as we don't see each other very often thanks to living extremely far apart. We headed to a cute little historical town nearby, with cobbled streets, bohemian shops and little tearooms on every corner. We walked along the river and admired the calm, quiet day, before popping for a delicious lunch of goats cheese salads at a traditional pub. Mine was accompanied by pear cider, but my sister, being the driver, had to stick to coffee. We sat and ate in the sunshine, before passing by a vintage sweet shop on the way back to the car park, to stock up on childhood goodies such as rhubarb and custard sweets, raspberry fizzers and Millionaire's Shortbread. My sister also decided to get some of the sourest sweets in the world, which were frankly just horrific. I usually like sour sweets, but those were just a step too far!
On the way home, we passed through another little village by the sea, and stopped off for warm doughnuts on the pier.
This will always be a happy memory of mine, as it's not often that I get to see my sister, and even less often that we have some lovely sunshine when I do!

Hope you enjoyed reading. What's your happy memory to get you through to the weekend?



  1. What a lovely memory. Nice picture too.


    1. Thanks Julie, it was a really lovely day :)xx


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