Friday, September 28, 2012

Spreading the Love

Since I started blogging, I have been really pleasantly surprised by all the lovely people I have 'met', at least in the online sense. Some of you might not know this, but I live a pretty long way away from my friends and family, and I had a bit of a tough time leaving everything behind and settling in when I first moved. Don't worry, this is not a sob story, and as I have mentioned recently, I am soon to move back home. But even so, there has still been a bit of a hole without my closest friends around. For me, blogging has really helped to fill that void, as besides doing something I enjoy, I have found a multitude of great blogs and Youtube channels which are very much my cup of tea, as well as chatting to lots of lovely bloggers via comments and Twitter.
Today, I thought I would share with you some of the nicest bloggers I have stumbled across since entering the blogging world, and of course, their lovely pages to boot.

Ramblings of a Beauty Bird
Sasha is such a nice blogger and I really enjoy keeping up with her on Twitter as well as reading her varied posts. She's one of those people who is genuinely just really pleasant and I would highly recommend you pop on over to her page for a great selection of beauty reviews. The products she talks about are always ones which I am interested in, which is an added bonus for me - and hopefully, you will find the same.

Grace at All That Slap
A lovely lady who has been very kind and helpful to me since the very first tweet we exchanged.
Grace is a lawyer by day and a successful blogger the rest of the time. I always trust her reviews as she is a top reviewer on Makeup Alley and, as a fan of natural products, is knowledgeable about what 

Sarah at Modern Damsel

Sarah is one of the nicest bloggers I have met. She has been sweet, friendly and supportive since the day we (virtually) met, and I always enjoy having a little bit of a chat with her on Twitter. She's a the sort of person who always says the right thing, and her lovely tweets often put a smile on my face.

A day in the life of
Laura is both a blogger and a Youtuber, and I love watching her 'What's in my Bag?' and haul type videos. She's a real natural on camera, and has some great beauty tips. I really appreciate the support she's shown my blog since starting to read it, and I strongly advise you to pop over and have a good read of hers! She is also currently running a fantastic Nars giveaway that's not to be missed.

I love reading Alice's posts and they often manage to make me laugh. I really like reading her lists of 'Current Loves', and I always appreciate her lovely comments on my blog, too. Pop over and have a read and you'll see what a nice person she is.

Sal at Petite Sal
Little girl, big thoughts
I love Sal's makeup tutorials. She has posted about  several amazing Arabian looks she has created, with really dramatic eyes, and I am always so impressed! This girl has definitely got talent. 
I've also enjoyed chatting to Sal on twitter, and we seem to have similar views on a few things. 
She's currently running a giveaway of her own, so don't miss your chance to win a Smashbox Primer and two lovely bracelets.

Nicole of Rambling Beauty

Rambling Beauty
I think Nicole and I have been reading each other's blogs pretty much since day one. Nicole is dong a beauty therapy course, meaning she really knows what she's talking about, and has some great products and pearls of wisdom to share. She did disappear of the scene for a bt so I'm glad to see she's now back and blogging again!

I've only recently met Rachael, but I have really enjoyed talking to her and I adore her blog, which is a delightful mix of lifestyle and beauty. She often posts delicious recipes that I can't wait to try, and I love hearing her tales of life in the country.
Rachael has kindly organised a weekly  chat for those of us who either write or enjoy reading lifestyle blogs, so if you would like to take part then just be on Twitter at 7pm every Sunday. Use the hashtag #lbloggers to get involved.

(I'm sorry I wasn't able to include a screenshot/header for all of you, but I had some trouble trying to do them on some of your pages :( )

If you like the sound of these lovely ladies then do click on their links for some pleasant weekend reading. If you don't have time now then worry not, I have popped their buttons up on my sidebar, so you can reach them through those any time you've got a minute.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening!



  1. I'm glad that blogging became your 'outlet' in a way. It certainly has helped me being less lonely, and just rambling on about things I love haha! keep it up dear :-) x

    Raves 'nd Ramblings

    1. Exactly - perhaps you can identify now that you're in Paris as it's always hard being away from the people and the things you know :)xx

  2. I lived in Edinburgh for a couple of years away from friends and family. So I understand. Thanks for the lovely post. Mucho appreciated and remember i'm always about on twitter in the evenings if you want to chat xxx

    1. Thanks so much hun, means a lot. I wasn't aware you'd been in a similar situation - really hard, isn't it. But oh well, not long now!xx

  3. Aww this post was lovely to read, and glad to hear blogging has really helped with the void and that void really can be anything depending on the person and that can make blogs really interesting to read :)


    1. Thanks Charlee, that's so true. I think it's some kind of therapy for all of us, one way or another!xx

  4. Thank you for featuring me on this post :-) It's really lovely of you! Thanks for putting my button on your blog too, I'm going to do this at some point and I will make sure I add yours :-)
    There's quite a few blogs on here that I've not read so I'm definitely going to go and check them out!xx

    1. You should, they are all lovely ladies and I really enjoy their posts!xx

  5. Thanks for the mention and the link Mel, it's been great to 'meet' you too! xx

  6. This is such a lovely post!!! This is exactly why I love the blogosphere...all the lovely people including yourself, you are such a great blogger and I always thoroughly enjoy your posts!
    I hope youve had a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Aw, thanks lovely :) Hope you had a great weekend too xx

  7. I thought I already commented on this post, but apparently I didn't! I think I was so overwhelmed by it and too busy tweeting you how much I appreciated it!
    Thank you so much! You're far too kind and such a sweetheart!! The sweet things you say about me and the others.. You're an amazing person!!

    Again, thank you for featuring me on this post!!


    1. You're very welvcome hun, it's been really nice to meet you :)xx


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