Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Behold, my Weekend Wishlist has landed.
This week, it's all about comfy embellished knots and cosy jeans for the coming winter months. Actually, I haven't been a 'jeans person' for a while now, ditching them in favour of tights and dresses for many a cold day, but A/W 2012 brings with it such fabulous options, such as this gorgeous ombre pair, that who am I to resist - let's be honest, jeans will always be the most comfortable and chilly day-friendly option.
There are lots of beauty bits on my wishlist this week, including the new MUA Pro Brow Kit and the popular Undressed Palette. Actually, I want pretty much everything in the new MUA collection, which is due out on September 26th and features a multitude of treats. Favourites of mine are the amazing Nail Constellations, cream blushes and their version of the Laura Mercier shimmer brick.
I've also been coveting the Origins Clear Improvements mask of late. Many of you will know that my skin has been going a bit crazy recently (probably self-inflicted as I have really been going to town experimenting with various new products!) and this little gem claims that it uses charcoal to act as a magnet, drawing dirt and debris out of the pores and leaving the skin free to breathe again. My pores are actually quite good, besides the ones on my nose, but those ones do seem to be permanently clogged. When I do manage to get them clear, it doesn't last two seconds, so I'm intrigued to see if this beaut can live up to it's claims.
Speaking of Pores, I am also after the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum, which basically claims to do the same thing, only without the charcoal. It also guarantees to leave the pores 58% smaller within two weeks, which is a pretty bold claim, so again, I think this deserves to be put to the test!

What'son your wishlist this weekend?



  1. Smashbox primer is on my wishlist too!! Think I'm gonna spend my boots points on it. :) x

    1. Ooh, that's a good idea - then it's guilt free as you can just tell yourself you've earnt it, haha xx

  2. You are a devil, always telling me about another mask that I didn't know I wanted *sigh* !!

    rachael @ madeupoflittlethings xx

    1. Sorry :( I know how you feel though as this is what happens to me all the time, haha xx

  3. LOVE the jeans on the left. So pretty.



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