Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Agenda

Excuse these photos....they were taken on my phone

It's that time of the month again, when I share with you my hopes and plans for the month ahead in the hope that broadcasting them to the world will motivate me to actually achieve them. 

First of all, a quick recap on my goals for August and how I got on with them:

1. Plan lots of fun activities for my classes (I teach English as a foreign language).
Well, I did my best with this one and put together lots of tasks for my students, using fun stuff like songs and comedy programmes. They seemed to go down really well, but I am already in need of more, so I suppose this one is an on-going task, really.

2. Finish my Secret Project
I still can't reveal too much about what this is, and it's all taking a bit longer than anticipated to come together, but let's just say that things are moving along and I'm making steady progress.

3. Keep up the Daily Exercise.
Errrr, see task 1 for the coming  month.

4. Have a lovely day out with the hubby
Done and done! Last weekend, we celebrated the fact that we've been together for five years (not married, but together as a couple), and we had a lovely little trip away for a couple of days. We managed to squeeze in shopping, chilling in a lovely little coffee shop with iced coffees and books, going to the beach for a bit of a sunbathe and a general relax, a delicious meal and lots of other yummy treats along the way. Success!

So, without further ado, this month I am aiming to:

1. Save as much money as possible.
Self explanatory really, but this means cutting back on coffees, takeaways and other unnecessary treats.

2. Get back to healthy eating and exercising several times a week.
I was doing so well on this one, for a really long time, and then suddenly, about a week and a half ago, I fell spectacularly off the wagon. I need to rediscover my motivation, sharpish.

3. Get Skyping.
I live quite far away from my family and friends, and I really do miss them, but we don't seem to manage to speak on Skype nearly as much as we should, so I really want to change that.

What are your goals and plans for this month?



  1. Great goals! Mine are pretty similar, saving money and buying things for the wedding, keeping up on my fitness for the wedding, and hitting my 10 on Project 10 pan!

    1. Ooh, you're getting married - how exciting, congratulations! I've not heard about Project Pan, will have to pop over to your blog and get enlightened on that one xx

  2. Those cakes looked magnificent. L xxx

    1. They did indeed, shame I didn't get to eat any of them but I did have a pain au chocolat covered in hot chocolate sauce, nom!xx

  3. Wow love this type of post. Found you on #bbloggers blog hop! So many great blogs to check out, but loved this one.


  4. This is a fab idea...I'm a list kinda person so it definitely appeals! Found you via bbloggers blog hop!


    1. I do love making lists, it definitely helps with motivation! Will pop over for a potter around your blog :)xx

  5. I love this and may do this on my blog too :) great blog!



    1. Go for it lovely, let me know if you do and I'll have a read :)xx


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