Tuesday, October 23, 2012

~All That Slap~ Talks Pampering Perfection (Guest Post)

You all know how much I love a good old bit of me-time, and it's no secret that I like to indulge in a bit of pampering come the weekend. But how does the very lovely Grace of All That Slap like to go about it? Read on to find out.

I love a good pamper session! For me, there is nothing nicer than a lovely evening in with PJs on, a cup of tea and some nice beauty products to slather on whilst I relax. When I am having one of these “sessions” I love using a face mask, hair mask and sometimes an eye mask too!
My absolute favourite is a face mask. I have acne prone skin so I love using clay masks that help to draw out impurities and bring spots to the surface. A few of my favourites are the Una Brennan SuperFacialist one, which I have reviewed here, the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask one and the most recent favourite is the pricey but amazing Glam Glow – this is brilliant and very effective, If you do not have sensitive skin and can find it in your budget then I highly recommend.

I do, from time to time, love to also make my own DIY face masks. I love natural skincare and there is nothing better than home made all natural if you ask me – and its good for your wallet too!
One I love for acne prone skin is the honey and aspirin mask, reviewed here, its brilliant. Honey is great for the skin and aspirin contains acne fighting ingredients and also exfoliates the skin very well.
Oatmeal and honey is also another lovely mask to use, oatmeal can exfoliate but its more gentle than using aspirin and better for those with sensitive skin.
A strawberry and yogurt mask is lovely and smells amazing! That’s always a nice to try in summer when there are more berries around!
Look at this great blog for lots of recipes and tips for making your own face mask – its FAB!

In terms of a hair masks (or treatment) I love love love using coconut oil. It’s one of the best hair treatments you can possibly do. Coconut oil is one of very few oils that penetrate the hair shaft, its rich in vitamin E and helps condition and repair hair. I get mine from an Asian supermarket and its very cheap. Melt down (its solid at room temp) and apply to dry hair, leave as long as possible, preferably overnight, and then wash out with lots of shampoo in the morning. You hair will love you for it!
From time to time instead of using plain coconut oil, I use a treatment from Leonor Grayl which contains coconut oil in it as well as other hair loving ingredients. I use it the same way I would if I were using normal coconut oil. It is pricey but very nice. If you are in a budget, stick with normal coconut oil and your hair will be treated none the less!
A final branded hair treatment I love is the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Masque – reviewed here, its fab and a little goes a long way and it smells yummy! The great thing about this is that you can use it in the shower or whilst in the bath and there is no need to leave it on for a long time like the coconut oil or Leonor Grayl.

Finally onto eye masks, these are new for me – I have not used them much but I know they are really popular in the Far East. Recently I got one got this Diamond Blend one, but I want to use eye masks more and hopefully they will help to delay the signs of aging!

What are your favourite ways to pamper yourself? What are your favourite products? Mel and I would love to hear from you! Get in touch and leave a comment J
I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks so much to the lovely Mel for letting me do it! I really appreciate it.

A huge thanks to Grace for guesting today, and if you haven't checked out her fantastic blog, All That Slap, then I highly recommend that you go right on over and do that now!  If you're interested in natural products and like to know what you are really putting onto your skin then she's your girl!



  1. Thanks so much for letting me this post! I hope everyone likes it! :-) xx

  2. I love the sound of all of the DIY face masks! Heard great things about coconut oil too! xx

    1. Yeah, it's good stuff! A real multi-tasker xx

  3. I love me time too! Looks like lots of good pampering products.

  4. Love the sound of eyemasks. I need to try coconut oil. M x

    1. Me too, need to try those out as I've got really annoying dark circles and puffiness at the mo!xx


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