Friday, October 12, 2012

Lipsticks and Heels: Skincare for Dry Skin (Guest Post)

First of all I would like to thank Mel for letting me write something for the blog!

So basically, my skin is REALLY dry all of the time. On the one hand, this does mean that I don't really get spots which is great. However, flaky skin isn't attractive either. The two main components of my skincare regime are therefore exfoliate and moisturise!
These are my most used products: Morrison's Sensitive Baby wipes, Johnson's Baby Lotion, Nivea Creme, Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Vichy Idealia Day Cream and a homemade sugar and oil exfoliator.

I make this scrub using around 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of oil. I use olive oil most of the time, but it would work with coconut oil, argan oil, anything! Obviously as this scrub has oil in it I wouldn't recommend it to you if you are prone to spots! I try to use this around every other day: I just prepare the scrub and massage my face, and then rinse! If I do this before bed, I will apply Nivea Creme to my face. I apply a generous layer and by morning it has sunk in and leaves my skin extremely soft. Nivea Creme is very thick so I never use it in the morning as it takes a long time to sink in.

I alternate the Vichy Idealia Day Cream and Johnson's Baby Lotion daily. I find that if you use the same moisturiser too often your skin gets used to it... I don't know if there's any science behind that but that's what I've found! The moisturising effects of both last all day unless it's very cold in which case I may need to reapply moisturiser at some point in the day!

To remove my makeup, I avoid using water and cleansers because the majority leave my skin feeling really tight. I simply use baby wipes. The reason I use baby wipes over makeup wipes is because: a) baby wipes are a lot cheaper, and b) they are a lot more gentle. Sometimes despite the packaging of makeup wipes saying they are fragrance free, a quick look at the ingredients list reveals that they do contain a fragrance! 

Obviously I must add that these products are simply something that work for me, you might be different. If you have dry skin, what products work for you?

Thank you very much to the lovely Alexandra for writing this post. She's new to blogging so do be sure to pop over to Lipstick and Heels and check out her page, where you will find a mix of product reviews, hair tutorials and suchlike. Find her on Twitter at @lipsticks_heels


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