Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Can you tell that I've suddenly started worrying about my skin this week? I've noticed the lines beneath my eyes have deepened and it's freaked me out a bit, so now it's all about the anti-aging skincare! I'm not convinced any product can really improve the appearance of fine lines, but I don't want to have the skin of an elephant any time soon so I must go for prevention at the very least! Some of you might think I'm going a little bit crazy, only being in my twenties. But believe you me, those first lines act as a wakeup call for anyone, so this Origins gift set is top of my Christmas list, along with the Liz Eatle Smoothing Line Serum.
On the upside, my skin has actually been fantastic recently, which I think I have a couple of new facemasks to thank for (reviews and details coming soon). So, as it's looking so clear and glowing, I thought I'd take full advantage while I can and swap heavy foundation for a nice, light tinted moisturiser (Nars Pure Radiant). Yes, I'm very well aware that it's winter, but I think that if you can get away with it, it's really better to wear as little makeup as possible on your skin when you have the chance. That said, my under-eye area is still in need of a bit of help, and I wouldn't dare leave the house without a bit of concealer to hide my dark circles, so I'm quite interested in trying the Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer. I'm not sure I'm really on board with the whole 'No Concealer' name thing, as clearly it is exactly that. But who am I to argue? As long as it does the job well then I'm in.
Clothes-wise, I think this knitted beanie, sequin ombre shorts, berry clutch and tan studded boots are all great staple pieces for winter. Most of my weekly wishlists seem to have featured one pair of studded boots or another of late, but this is the first good pair I've found that isn't black, so they are a definite must and will last well into the Spring, when they can be worn with the same shorts and bare legs.
I also really love the look of this pretty floral kimono and rose-print jeans, which will look great with basic pieces and layers.
Last but not least is this pretty green tea-scented candle. Those of you who know me well will be aware that I am an avid green tea drinker (along with my traditionall British cuppas, of course!) and I do find the scent quite relaxing. But mostly, I just really like pretty scented candles, and enjoy having an array of scents to choose from according to my mood. The fact that they look great around the house is an added bonus.

Well, that's it for this week's wishlist. Did you see anything you liked?
What's top of your Christmas list this year?



  1. I love stocking up on knitted beanies for the winter. Also those sequin denim shorts caught my eye, they look so glamorous and sparkly!

    1. Me too, can't have too many of them. I tend to suffer with earache in the winter too, from the cold wins, so they are an absolute must as well as looking pretty!xx

  2. I've been freaking over under eye lines too! The oils I was trying before do not work anymore =( Sooo I've been obsessed with finding something that will at least halt any kind of progression! I've been using that Boots serum that everyone went mental about when it was released but haven't really noticed anything. I'm going to try and make my own DIY anti-aging serum!

    1. Well please do let me know if you have any luck with that - I have bought so many eye products of late to rectify the situation, but it's just not happening! Nothing works :(xx

  3. love the print on that burnout shirt! and gotta love a green tea candle...I love green tea anything!

    jayj x.


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