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Beauty SOS: October

Another month, another Beauty SOS post. I'm afraid this one is going up a little bit later than usual, and if you read my October Agenda post then you'll know why, so I won't bore you with the details again!

So, last month, I must have been feeling unusually satisfied with my beauty issues, as I only asked for you lovely ladies to get involved with two little puzzles of mine. Either that, or I had already used all my other ones up the month before!

So, what did I ask you lovelies for your suggestions on last month?

1. A blemish-fighting product.
Last month, I was going through a bit of a skin nightmare, which I now believe was due to my over-zealous testing of a large number of new products in a short space of time. My t-zone became really oily and I found myself with some rather large blemishes popping up one after the other. I did freak out a little bit about this, as I usually have pretty normal skin, so I asked you lovelies to suggest something. Needless to say, several of you piped up with the Origins Spot Removing Gel/Pads. Other ideas were Alpha H Liquid Gold, Quinoderm, Sudocrem and Lavender oil. As I had some lavender oil to hand, I decided to give that one a go on a particularly unsightly spot that had chosen to pop up on my chin. I dabbed some on before bed and in the morning, voila - it had dried right out and diminished considerably in size. After my success with this, I decided to give the more expensive products suggested a miss (but thank you very much to those who suggested them!), as I am currently trying to cut back on my spending, and if something as inexpensive as an essential oil can do the job then I'm happy with that. A second discovery I made is that Propolis works equally well, so if you've got eiher of those in your cupboard at home then give them a go!

2. A good volumising product for hair.
Suggestions on this one were Sexy Hair Big Powder Play and Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle. I was very pleased to hear the latter suggestion as it reminded me that I actually already had a can of this, which had been squirreled away and subsequently lost and forgotten at the back of my cupboard. So I dug this out and gave my hair a good spray, and I must say, it does do the job rather well.
If you would like to hear more about my favourite products for big hair then keep your eyes open tomorrow, as there will be a post going up on precisely that.

So, with what do I require your assistance this month?

1. A great anti-ageing night cream.
I'm looking for something really moisturising but that won't clog my pores overnight. I've had bad luck with these in the past as they have often broken me out by morning!

2. A fantastic skin-balancing moisturiser.
My skin is mostly normal, but sometimes my forehead and chin are a bit oily, and sometimes I get dry patches on my nose. I'm after something to sort it out.

3. A good BB Cream.
I say a good one because all those I've tried have been a huge disappointment. Are there any that have really impressed you?

4. I know I have asked this before and gone on and on about it on Twitter, but.....
I am still on the hunt for something to banish my dark under-eye circles, preferably something to actually treat them but if you know of a phenomenal concealer then I would love to hear about that too. I'm sure you are probably sick of hearing me ask about this but if anyone is going to be able to suggest a solution then it's you lovely beauty bloggers and I refuse to give up hope! Whilst I have received some lovely suggestions so far, sadly, none of them have been able to make a difference, and I don't even consider my dark circles to be THAT dark. So, just throwing this out there. Again.

5. Your favourite pampering session products.
So, this one is not really an SOS as such, but I am looking to change up my weekend pampering routine as I am getting a bit bored with my own. I would LOVE to hear about what you do to spoil yourselves and what products you use in the comments below :)

If anyone would like some suggestions for some of their beauty ailments then let me know in the comments. I'm no guru but I'd be happy to share my findings with you, and perhaps feature them in next month's post so we can get some more ideas on the go!

Have a great week my lovelies!



  1. It's not an anti-ageing cream, but I've been using Naked's Thirst Aid as a night cream, which I really like. I also tried the Weleda Pomegranate Firming Night Cream for a while, which was OK (review is on my blog!/endofshamelessplug)

    I've also tried South Korean BB Creams, which I really like- I think they're so much better than UK versions.

    As for pampering, you can't really beat Rituals. I love their Yogi Flow shower foam!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I shall look forward to trying some of those out! I'm really intrigued by the sound of the S.Korean BB creams but have no idea where I can find them, will get looking!xx

  2. For night time anti anging cream I can't recommend the clinique super rescue antioxidant night mositurizer enough. It comes in combination oily to oily or one for dry to normal. I have the combination oily to oily one and it's so light on the skin, yet moisturising and has the antioxidants to prevent ageing. I love it. It's pricey but worth it. Plus I just had boots vouchers through the post for extra points and stuff so you could always use them to get something back. I love the day cream that matches the night cream. The superdefense SPF 25. It's a light on the skin one but still moisturising again. They are unfortunately £35 each. The night cream I've not found an alternative for that doesn't leave you feeling greasy but for day cream a light one is the Avon solutions complete balance day cream, lush vanishing cream or origins balanced diet or all great light but moisturising creams x

    1. Thank you my lovely, the Clinique Super Rescue sounds fantastic and I 've been looking for something with antioxidants in it. I really love Clinique as a brand so I'll be more than happy to give that a go!xx


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