Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Catch-Up

1. Coffee and magazines on Saturday afternoon, after exhausting myself interval training.
2. Yummy lunch on our little trip away.
3. Detox juice the morning after a few drinks for the hubby's birthday - pineapple, spinach, lemon and ginger.
4. A cheeky bit of shopping at Mac.
5. My outfit for the hubby's birthday dinner and drinks,
6. Cocktails.
7. Homemade chocolate Easter truffles from a friend.
8. A failed attempt at baking birthday cupcakes for the other half (the oven broke halfway through!)

Afternoon lovelies, hope everyone is having a very Happy Easter! Judging by my Instagram feed this morning, most of you have been indulging in some serious chocolate eating! In my neck of the woods, things are slightly different, as I've decided to really cut back on sugar and milk to see if it helps my skin. You've probably heard me bemoaning the fact that, out of nowhere, I've recently started to suffer from breakouts, and having always been lucky with my skin in the past, I haven't quite known what to do. I started by going back to basics on my skincare routine, but having cut out most things 'm now starting to think it might have something to do with the fact that I've been eating quiiite a lot of sweet things of late. I do have a healthy diet and always make sure I eat pretty clean, but lately I just haven't been able to keep my paws of the chocolate in the evenings. So I'm taking a step back - Easter or not - and will let you know if there is any joy.
This week has been a pretty good one, although stressful in parts. On Tuesday, the hubby and I were due to go away for his birthday, but typically, that morning we had some car troubles and couldn't leave. Cue us waiting around all day and finally getting to go in the late afternoon. All was not lost though, as we did a quick bit of shopping (I feel slightly bad saying that I picked up a couple of Mac goodies when t was his birthday, but in my defence he did get some nice pressies of his own!). We then popped for dinner in the Outback Steakhouse, where we shared the Spicey Shrimp Dip and Ribs on the Barbie (how people manage a starter and a main EACH in that place is beyond me), and followed up with a couple of cocktails out in the open air while listening to some live samba music.
The next day, I snuck back to Mac again to pick up a new concealer (review coming soon) and we treated ourselves to falafel, humous, baba ganoush, pitta and tabbouleh for lunch, followed by a huge iced hazelnut latte each and half an Eclair (we shared - but see where I was going with the sugar thing!?).
We had a walk along the beach and sat in the sunshine for  bit before driving home, and had a lazy evening in front of the TV.
Since Friday we've been very much doing a bit of chilling, and with the long weekend it's meant that I've had a pretty relaxed week overall, which is just what I needed after some of the stresses earlier in the week (which I won't bore you with).
Today is all about doing some reading and getting my blog organised - for the last few weeks I've been posting a bit sporadically, for one reason or another, and haven't been able to get back into the swing of things with posting every day. So I'm dedicating my evening to prepping some posts and getting back on track, as I genuinely miss getting content up on a daily basis and feel so much prouder of my blog when I do.

If any of you have been trying to head over to my Youtube channel via the button in my sidebar then you ma have found that the link wasn't working, but that's all fixed now, and you can also find me on Bloglovin' and Instagram via the buttons next to it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!


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