Monday, March 4, 2013

Week in Pictures

A Sunday post on a Monday? Yeah, that's right. Actually, I wasn't feeling at my best over the weekend, so I didn't manage to get much blogging done. I did, however, get to catch up on my Youtube feed, which is always a pleasure at this time in the month, as everyone's favourites videos are up and I always seem to come away with a mental list of new products I want to try. Apart from that, I lay around with a headache all evening yesterday, browsing some online shops and trying to pick out what I'd like for my birthday, as requested by my mother.
Last week was pretty uneventful, but I did seem to manage to document it pretty thoroughly on Instagram nonetheless. I ate healthily, dodged the chocolate eggs in the supermarket, did a teeny tiny bit of shopping and mixed up my daily makeup routine. I've really been getting into Instagram lately, as while I've had it for some time, I was only really following close friends. But now that I'm using it more as a 'blogging account', I'm having lots of fun keeping up with everyone's daily antics, whether it be what they had for lunch (which gives me a constant case of food envy) or what makeup they have been using that day. I've also been taking a lot more photos myself, and I find that it really helps you to pick out the nice parts of an otherwise boring day, which in turn makes me feel more positive. And that can only be a good thing, right?
Today is a bit of a novelty, as I've got most of the day free before working later on this evening, so I'm quite enjoying having my Monday morning free to do a bit of blogging and catch up on some of your posts.

Hope everyone has a lovely week.


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