Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week in Pictures

I didn't intentionally abandon my blog all week. On Monday, my laptop cable finally decided to throw the towel in, closely following the battery, which had already packed in a few weeks before. So, after three days in the computer hospital, I went to pick up my fixed wire, only to be told that they hadn't had the right parts. Needless to say, this annoyed the hell out of me, as if they'd only said so earlier instead of holding onto it for half the week then I could have taken it elsewhere. I promptly did exactly that, and luckily got it back, all sorted, withing a couple of hours. However, upon bringing it home and trying to log on, I was confronted by a very uncooperative internet connection (ie, it was completely dead). So, again I was forced to stay away from my blog until someone came to sort things out today.
I didn't do a 'Week in Pictures' last week, as it made way for Mother's Day gift ideas, so that means you get a double-whammy of my recent Instagram shots today instead. Don't get too excited.
It's been a week of hard work, new products and cat-related tales. If you read my lifestyle blog, Organised Chaos, then you will probably have seen that my cat, fondly known as Mr Whiskers, has been bringing his girlfriend around for tea a fair bit lately. He's actually still a Tom cat, which I know is a bit naughty of us, but he really is the gentlest cat you will ever meet, and if anything, the new lady in his life wears the trousers in that pairing. He's a complete gentleman with her, and lets her eat all his food. Anyway, since that post, 'Mrs Whiskers' seems to have decided to move in permanently, and has now taken up residence on the bean-bag in the living room, where she sleeps all evening. In the mornings, her little head pops around the door the second we open it. We're pretty certain she's got a few buns on the oven, so we keep obliging when she asks for food - will let you know if there are any developments on that score, as and when!
In other news, I read 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Greene in one sitting last night, what with having no internet to play with, and I must admit, it was very sad. I wasn't expecting much, having frankly found 'Looking for Alaska' (a best-seller by the same author) a bit rubbish, but as a friend from work offered to lend it to me, I thought I'd give it a go. I do find all of his books a bit teenagery, but then I do think that's the age group they are aimed at, but this particularly story was very moving, and a real eye-opener, too. I'll probably be reviewing it properly on my other blog before long, so watch this space.

That's about all of interest I've got to tell you this week, hope everyone is having a lovely weekend as usual!



  1. Glad you got it all sorted (: x

  2. Hahah love the Mr Whiskers anecdotes, hopefully you'll have some fluffy kittens to add to the brood fairly soon! (: Looks like you've had a lovely and busy week. xx


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