Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Truths

                                                                    Gorgeous day.......

Hello lovelies. I had a whole host of wonderful posts planned for you this week, starting with today, as I have just got over my illness and finally feel up to being creative and appearing in pictures where necessary again!
However, unfortunately, I didn't have time to get any snaps taken in the daylight, and my camera is really not the best for taking photos without natural night. Add to that my lack of tripod and/or camera person, and things become a bit of a pain! Anyway, my purpose here is not to moan about that, but to tell you that a) I will have some free time in the day tomorrow to get a huuuge stack of pictures taken, which will hopefully leave me sorted for the rest of the week, and b) to bring you THIS post, which is a little bit risky, but I'll do it anyway.

So, today's post is something that scares me a little bit, but I thought it might be a bit of fun. I'm going to tell you five beauty truths about myself, those being five things I probably would not usually want people to know about! These may be bad habits or things to do with my appearance - anything really. Basically, the idea is to totally expose myself by being completely honest. I thought of doing this because I think that often, us beauty bloggers might feel slightly inferior in some way when we come across amazing blog after amazing blog. There are so many beautiful bloggers, so many who are amazing at applying makeup or styling their hair, or doing fantastic designs on their nails. But I am pretty sure that, despite appearances, NO ONE is perfect, and it's time we all admitted that!

Right. So, I'm going to tell you my five beauty truths, and then I'm going to challenge five other bloggers to do the same. It would be nice if, after that, each of those who are nominated could then set the challenge for five more bloggers, and so on and so forth.

Without further ado, here are my five guilty secrets....drumroll, please!

1. I have two dark hairs which grow on my chin. There, I said it. That's the worst one out of the way. I know for a fact that this one applies to many, so don't pretend it doesn't! I don't leave them there though, obviously!

2. I don't wash my makeup brushes often enough. At all. I always mean to, but whenever I think about it, I am just about to use them, so I can't! That said, I have set myself a goal to improve on this!

3. I'm rubbish at giving myself a pedicure. I don't know why, but it seems to be so much harder to get my feet looking nice. To be honest, though, I have only really learned to do my fingernails within the last couple of years - I used to be an absolute shocker at that, too!

4. I never blow-dry my hair, even though it looks a zillion times better when it has been. I just can't be bothered, plain and simple. It makes my arm ache.

5. I never seem to put lids on things properly and get makeup finger-prints everywhere.

Well, that's me, laid bare. I hope that you won't think less of me after reading these truths, but I am a firm believer that honesty is the best policy.

The five people I would like to nominate to reveal their most closely-guarded beauty sins are:

Clouds and Cuticle Oil

Fifty Six Freckles

Fiona Loves...

Dolly Daydream

Life and Loves

Go on, lovelies. Don't be shy!

If anyone else would like to take on this challenge then please also feel free!



  1. I have two black hairs on my chin too! lol I HATE them. I also never even try to do my own nails. It always ends up a disaster.

    1. Haha, yesss, I'm not alone! Thanks for being honest, it could have been embarrassing if everyone was like "er....no, it's just you", haha! I hate them with an absolute passion. You wouldn't believe how much practice it took for me to finally be able to do my nails, I was literally ridiculous at doing them before!
      By the way, please feel free to take on this challenge if you want to, anyone is welcome!

  2. wow, you're brave! i think i might have to do my own nitty gritty ugly little beauty details post about me!
    and no worries -- i have really ugly finger nails, because i've been biting them for over 12 years. so yeah, i suck at manis and pedis. i totally envy people who are are flawless at them, though!
    hope all is well :)


    1. I am still pretty clumsy doing my right hand, and don't know if I dare venture into nail art! Haha, look forward to reading about your other guilty beauty secrets!

  3. thanks for tagging me! here's the linky-link - http://cloudsandcuticleoil.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/five-beauty-truths.html

  4. Love this tag it's such a good idea! :) Thanks for tagging me, I've just posted my response! x

    1. Yay, glad you did it, now I don't feel so exposed, haha!

  5. Hey hun I did this challenge, as I was tagged by Tasmina :) I love the idea! If you want to check out my answers, they are here:
    Thanks for creating such a great tag! xx

    1. So glad you were really honest, some people didn't say anything embarrassing!
      Thanks for the big shout-out on your blog, really appreciate that :-)


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