Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Mishap!

Hello, hope everyone is having a splendid Monday. Personally, I am not, but before you click the 'x' in the corner of the page, thinking I am going to have a right old moany groany one on you, I'm not, but I just wanted to share this morning's brief ordeal with those of you who would truly understand - beauty bloggers, of course!

So, I was getting ready for work, putting my makeup on, as you do. And then I reached for my blusher brush, and what happened?? Yeah, that's right, I accidentally knocked my brand new Mac Studio Fix onto the tiled floor, where it smashed into a zillion pieces, and, just to add insult to injury, splashed ALL OVER the brand new jeans I was wearing. Argh!!

So now, I have no foundation (not happy about having to fork out for a new one!) and ruined jeans (couldn't get the stains out....any ideas?)

Oh, hello Monday!

But, on the upside, this DOES appear to give me an excuse to splash out on some Mac Matchmaster - anyone tried it?

My face will be happy. My bank balance will not.



  1. I have tried it and i really really like it :) it is definately worth investing in :)

    Nafisah xo

    1. Really? Ooh, good, I have ordered it so really excited to try that out! I have also got my eye on some Estee Lauder Invisible Makeup, as I have tried a sample and LOVED it.
      Mel x

  2. oh my gosh, that's awful! it sounds like a very unpleasant start to a monday :(
    my day has been the opposite -- i've had a very good day! ha ha, i guess now i'm bragging.
    i hope the rest of your week is much better!
    may i suggest lancome's miracle teint as a new foundation? it's phenomenal!


  3. Gosh, I'm so sorry about your foundation and jeans. Were you able to get the stains out after all? But Estee Lauder's Invisible Fluid is amazing! It's definitely lightweight, but very buildable and natural! I only swatched the Matchmaster on my hand, and it's definitely a more thick and heavier foundation than the Invisible Fluid. Which one did you get in the end? :) x

  4. Thanks, thankfully I did manage to get the stains out of my jeans! Actually, it was a blessing in disguise, as my foundation was slightly the wrong colour anyway! I decided to give Matchmaster a try and I really like it, it actually is the perfect colour match! But I am in love with the Estee Lauder so will be getting that soon too!
    Mel x


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