Friday, November 16, 2012

Origins Modern Friction

I have never been one to spend a lot of money on exfoliants, as I have always been of the belief that one was more or less the same as another. Truth be told, I have never felt that they made that much of a difference to my skin, although I have, on occasion, noticed a momentary brightening after use, having obviously got my circulation going as I was massaging the product over my face. I bought the Origins Modern Friction on a whim , intrigued by its natural ingredients, but not expecting much (at the the time I had never tried anything from Origins before). 

Modern Friction is touted by Origins as 'nature's gentle dermabrasion'. It is so-called because it uses rice starch, as opposed to coarse chemical crystals, to slough away dead skin cells, thus making it that much gentler, and pores and lines are supposed to appear greatly diminished after use. Modern Friction contains lemon oil for illumination, and vitamin C to mop up any nasty free radicals. Oh - and it also helps to remove any uneven patches, signs of skin damage and discolouration.  All this, sans irritation and redness? Sounds good to me.

So, how did it fare?

The first time I used this, I wasn't all that impressed. In consistency, it seemed like any other exfoliator, although it was thicker than most I've tried, and it also had a pleasant lemony scent.
To use, you massage this onto clean, dry skin (you can leave your skin damp if you've got particularly sensitive skin) in circular motions, before adding a dash of water and working it into a lather. Rinse, pat dry and you're all done.

When I had finished using this for the first time, I didn't notice a huge difference. That was, until the next day. When I was applying my makeup in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised by how radiant and glowing my skin looked, and upon closer inspection I could see that my skin and pores looked really clean.
But it was the second time I used it that it really succeeded in impressing me.
I had some dry, flaky patches on my nose where I had been trying to clear some forever-blocked pores there, and nothing would shift it. Eventually, I decided to give it a quick exfoliate with Modern Friction, but I didn't expect it to make a huge difference, as when I have tried to exfoliate really dry/flakey patches in the past it has only improved the situation by about 20%.
Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. 
I used the product in the same way as I had done before, this time concentrating on my nose, and when I washed the product away I was amazed to see that I  had a perfectly smooth,silky soft nose, without a flake in sight. Ah-mazing.

Since then, I've been using Modern Friction Twice a week, and it has fast become an absolute must-have for me. It's rare for me to suffer from dry skin, but this is not just for people who have this problem. It leaves my skin looking absolutely glowing with health, and I haven't had a single spot since I started using this! Granted, I have been using it in conjunction with the Origins Clear Improvement mask (review coming up), but between the two of them they have done an incredible job.

Have you tried anything from the Origins skincare range? What did you think?



  1. Origins is my absolute favourite skincare brand and I really love Modern Friction! I mainly use this around my nose too and it works wonders! x

    1. They are just fantastic, aren't they - I bought several of their products at the same time as this and I'm now a complete convert!xx

  2. I really wanted to like this product but there was something in it that stung my eyes if it got anywhere close! I love other Origins products though, and I'm glad this one worked for you!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. Oh no, that's a shame :( To be honest, I did read some reviews before using this where people said the same, so as a result I've always been really careful to keep it well away from my eyes, and I seem to have been fine so far :)xx

  3. Ooh this sounds amazing! I need some Origins in my life! Been looking at their face masks and can't decide between Clear Improvement and Out of Trouble xx

    1. Well I would highly recommend the Clear Improvement! But then, I haven't tried Out of Trouble. I think Clear Improvement probably is better for preventing breakouts, while Out of Trouble is good for clearing up any you're already having. Prevention is better than cure, I say! :)xx


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