Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I wore....

...On Sunday.
Studded Leather Biker, Zara  -  Denim Shorts, River Island  -  Studded Shirt, Ebay  -  Spike Necklace, Ebay  -  Boots, Ebay

Yes, yes I have decided to use a hideously done cut-out job for this outfit post, and why? Well, because I had an awful background, and because I'm less than skilled when it comes to photo editing! I really wish there was a simpler way to remove a figure from an image and replace it onto a more suitable backdrop, but alas, it seems, there isn't. Or there is - and I just don't know about it! If the latter turns out to be the case then I will be most annoyed, as I have spent hours fiddling around with this and trying to make it blog-worthy, before finally giving in and having to make do with the cut-out sans backdrop. To be honest, I've only just started dabbling in the world of photo editing, so I suppose I couldn't really have expected much more! Anyway, I wasn't about to let my efforts go to waste, so....voila!

I have been wanting to do more outfit posts for an absolute age, but various things, including the lack of a decent camera (it's broken) and willing photographer, have hindered my efforts, But I thought it was about time I showed my face on here again, as I don't think you've seen me in a while!
I'm wearing my gorgeous new studded biker from Zara, which my hubby kindly bought me for Christmas. The eagle-eyes among you may notice that Christmas hasn't actually arrived yet.....yeah, I snuck it a bit early. I can never resist when people buy my presents well in advance, especially if I know what they are - I just have to have them, immediately. But then, of course, I'm the first to be disappointed and do a sad face  come the big day, when there's nothing for me to unwrap. One day I'll learn!
I've been absolutely living in this studded coral shirt, too. Yes, indeed it is more of a summery shade, but I am all for injecting a bit of colour into a cold and dreary winter's day. I found the beaut on good old Ebay for  a snip, which was a bit of a win, I think.
On my lips is the Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie, which I have dug out again for the winter months. Berry is just the perfect lip colour for the festive season, and this one is really pigmented as well as moisturising.

Hope you lovelies are having a good start to the week - not likely when it's Monday morning, but sending positive wishes your way regardless!
By the way, if anyone does know of any easy peasy ways (without Photoshop) to pop a figure in a photo onto a new background then I would be ever so grateful if you would share it with me in the comments below!



  1. You look lovely! You have a sweet hubby for buying you the early christmas present! It looks amazing on you :)
    I'm starting to love my revlon lipbutter more too! I also have raspberry pie :)


    1. Thanks Sal :)
      I still really like the lip butters, so much easier than lipstick for work. xx

  2. I love this look.. gorgeous lady xxx

  3. You look gorgeous! Hope it went ok with the in laws xx

  4. You look beautiful, loving your top :) x


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