Monday, August 13, 2012

Caudalie Eau Demaquillante Cleansing Water

Selling at £9 for 100ml on the Caudalie website, which you can find here, the Eau Demaquillante Cleansing Water is a micellar solution designed to remove your makeup before cleansing. You just apply a small amount to a large cotton pad and sweep it over your face and neck, repeating as necessary until you are satisfied. In fact, you could actually use this product alone, but personally I like to either exfoliate or cleanse my skin with a hot cloth cleanser afterwards in the evenings,to ensure that my skin is completely clean. In the mornings, however, I am happy just to use this to wipe away any oil or grime that may have accumulated during the night and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, soft and clean.
Being a micellar solution, this product is very gentle, and yet it still removes all traces of makeup with ease. This is designed for use on the eyes, too, and it doesn't sting at all, nor is it oily, which are both huge bonuses in my opinion. I have quite sensitive eyes which are easily irritated by a lot of products, and I really dislike having to use anything unneccessarily oily on my face.
I usually tend to give my skin a couple of sprays of the infamous Caudalie Beauty Elixir after use, and I feel that together, they really leave my skin feeling supple, smooth and 'awake', without a trace of oil. I then moisturise as normal.

A quick summary:

                                                    The Good                                                  
  Gentle on the skin
Gentle enough to use on the eyes
Removes all traces of makeup
Leaves skin feeling refreshed and soft
Practical and easy to use, as it doesn't require water. Perfect for use on the go.

    The Bad
A little bit on the pricey side at £9 for just 100ml, especially as...
..100ml doesn't tend to last long

I would definitely purchase this again. I have been using a hot cloth cleanser for a while now, which I love, and while I really like the fact that I can use it to remove makeup and cleanse all in one go, I hate that I end up with mascara stains all over the muslin cloths and can never use them more than once or twice without having to throw them in the wash! It's so much better to use this Cleansing Water first, as I can dispose of the used cotton pads and then cleanse with a nice clean cloth along with my hot cloth cleanser.

If you are new to Caudalie then I would definitely recommend giving this a go, as it is one of the cheaper products available, and a 100ml bottle is not a huge commitment to make. I went for this size in order to try it out, and now I know that I will like it, I will go ahead and buy the larger one (200ml for £15).

Have you tried anything from Caudalie? 
What are your favourite skincare brands and products?



  1. useful review
    but from where cn i buy it???

    1. I have linked the Caudalie website at the beginning of the post. If you click where it says 'here' in red, it will take you directly to the product on the site :)

  2. This lookes really good. Im currently switching between a Nivea cleansing water or my newly purchased Vichy one which is £10 for 200ml (I would recommend this if you were wanting something cheaper). I used to use a hot cloth cleanser but I suffer with psoriasis on my face and it irritated it and made it sore. I just use the micellar water to cleanse now and nothing else! x

    1. Hmm, might have to give that Vichy one a try, I do like them as a brand and I would be very happy to save some pennies if it's just as good. I must admit that I do sometimes forego the hot cloth cleanser, even at night - sometimes I'm just too tired, but it doesn't seem to do me any harm just using the micellar water. xx

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    1. Ooh, thank you very much lovely! I will have a look :)xx

  4. I just want to say I love your blog so much! lots of love <3

    1. Aww, thanks so much Naffy, this comment literally made my day! So lovely of you! :)xx


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