Monday, August 6, 2012

Laura Mercier Cinema Noir Collection A/W 2012

Inspired by the film era of the late 1940s and reminiscent of such big screen icons as Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth, Cinema Noir is based upon a time where black and white was slowly giving way to colour. Focussing on soft shades and flawless finishes, the collection has a number of sumptuous new products to tempt us with sultry lip shimmers, luxurious nail lacquers and glamorous face powders and eyeshadows.

Shimmer Bloc in Starlet Mosaic

Ground Espresso and Deep Teal Tightline Cake Eyeliners

Eye Colour Duet: Suspense
(There will also be another duet, Mystere, available, featuring a taupe and a midnight blue, which looks really pretty.)

Burgundy Longlash Mascara

Creme Lip Colour in Raspberry Sorbet
(There are also Creme/Shimmer Lip Colours in Passion Fruit, Tea Rose and Fresh Brown).

Nail Lacquers in Cocoa Suede, Organza and Nude Silk

I love the look of the Shimmer Bloc and think it could be the perfect all-in-one bronzing and highlighting product. Actually, this is something I probably would have enjoyed using during the summer months to get that healthy holiday glow, but I'm sure a bit of bronze won't go amiss in the Autumn/Winter when our cheeks have faded to a deathly shade of pasty (pastey? Basically, I'm not talking about the Cornish pastry treat we know and love in the UK!) white.
I'm definitely finding myself intrigued by the burgundy mascara. I don't really know what to expect from it, if I'm honest, but I'm all for trying something a bit different, as so many of the cosmetics that come out these days are a bit samey. Burgundy might perhaps make for a dramatic evening look....or 'been punched in the face chic' if it decides to rain when I'm wearing it. Let's be honest, that's quite likely in our delightful climes. Either way, I am looking forward to giving it a try, and if I do so happen to end up looking like I've been on the wrong end of someone's fist then I will just have to find a way to make it work for me. Fashion is all about making statements these days, no?
I will probably also be slipping the Tightline Cake Liner in Deep Teal into my online shopping basket, though knowing me, this will be indecisively emptied and refilled several times before I finally actually give in and  make the purchase. it's a battle of wills. My wallet almost always loses in the end.
I like the look of Raspberry Sorbet, being a fan of a good berry lip in the Winter. In terms of the Eye Colour Duos, as I mentioned before, I am way too indecisive to choose just two shades, so I think I'll be sticking to bigger palettes which provide me with an array of shades, although I'm sure these little beauties will be perfect for some of you to slip into your handbags for day-time touch-ups or nights out.

All in all, I think I like the glamorous air this little lot gives off, and some of these will definitely be making an appearance on my Christmas list if I am still grappling with my online basket by then.

The collection is now available from Space NK, Harvey Nicholls, Selfridges and other departement stores.

What do you think of Cinema Noir? Have you seen anything that is very much your cup of tea?



  1. Definitely want to try the lipstick, I love berry shades for a/w! X

    1. Ooh me too, I love my corals but don't think they really work in Winter! Ha. Berry is the perfect cold-weather lip look, there's something a bit festive about it too, I think :)xx

  2. I have nominated you for a blog award, please check it out here

    Have a great day
    Zoe x

    1. Aw, thanks so much lovely, I'll have a look :)xx

  3. Hey! Great post! I have always been intrigued by Laura Mercier make up! I have nominated you for a Liebster award! come and see this post here:

    Jen xxx

    1. ooh, thanks very much hun! I will definitely have a little look at that.
      I must admit, I am new to Laura Mercier, but this collection has convinced me to make my first purchase! I also really want to try her tinted moisturiser.xx

  4. Found you via the BBU Blog Hop and now following!

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  5. Oo I didn't know this was the new collection but I love the look of the shimmer brick!! I really want to try one of those be such a nice highlighter :) xo

  6. I LOVE the lipstick!! So incredible. And the nude silk nail polish is gorgeous.


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