Friday, August 24, 2012

Desire of the Day #7: Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector

My regular readers will know that for the past couple of months, I have been suffering from frustrating dark circles under my eyes (if you don't then you can read about my struggle and my quest for a solution here and here). I don't know what's causing them, as I eat very healthily (other than when tempted by cake), drink absolute gallons of green tea and water, and get some exercise several times a week. I am also being sure to get enough sleep, and haven't  been going out or drinking either, as I am at a point where I fancy a break - you do eventually get a bit fed up with hangovers after many years of them! I now haven't had one since the end of March, and I must admit, it feels pretty good, although that's not to say I have become permanently teetotal - I'll still enjoy a good girls' night out from time to time.
Anyway, went off on a bit of a tangent there, but never mind - I do enjoy a bit of mindless chitchat about irrelevant things at times!
The point is, nothing I have endeavoured to find myself an amazing product that would combat my dark circles and mild morning puffiness, and I have to say, I've failed miserably. Or rather, the products I've tried have. Concealer doesn't cover them, and eye creams don't cut it.

Enter, Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector.

" NEW Even Better Eyes has the power to brighten the appearance of the entire eye area. Plumping hydration makes thin eye-area skin appear less transparent, and the cooling massage tip refreshes tired looking eyes. Optics instantly brighten all skins, fair to deep".

Now, I am not expecting miracles. I have tried a little sample pot of the Clinique Even Better Eyes cream, and I'm not sure that it had much of an effect. It's hard to tell really, as I find that the darkness and puffiness I experience beneath my eyes does tend to subside a little bit after a couple of hours of being awake awake anyway. However, I do really enjoy Clinique as a brand, and I am intrigued by the cooling massage tip. Add that to my desperation to find a solution that works for me, and I am all over this product.

Clinique Even Better Eyes is available for £28 (eeeek - bit off-putting!) from the Clinique website, which you can find here.

Do you have any fail-safe dark circle solutions? If so, PLEASE let me know in the comments below! I will be eternally grateful.



  1. I have naturally bad dark circles and tried so many eye creams! I decided to splurge on Estee Lauder ANR for Eyes as budget creams just weren't doing anything. I think it's about £38.00, but it's the only thing that's made a difference. My dark circles are still there, but they have improved. I've just come to the conclusion I'll always have them :-( Enter concealer!!x

    1. A good concealer is definitely a must! Which one do you use? Might have to splash out on the Estee Lauder stuff if it makes a difference, thanks for the tip!xx

  2. Oh Mel, if this works for you please let me know - I would do almost anything to rid myself of my impossibly dark and sunken under eye circles!!
    I might have to give the Estee Lauder ANR Eye Cream a try too...anything to help would be amazing haha!! I look ancient before my time!!



    1. I will definitely let you know! Haven't bought it yet but will definitely be doing so soon! I know what you mean about looking old, that's exactly how I feel about it :( xx

  3. I'm really curious to try this product... if you're generally healthy your circles may be genetic... mines are and not much I can do... they will never fade completely... the worst part is that they started show up only few years ago.
    I totally swear by Elemis Absolute eye serum... it is the only product that I can see a difference with and the only staple in my skincare regime. Have you tried it yet? x

    1. Hi Alex, I'm not sure they're genetic, as they have only just started to show up recently, but then again, who knows!? Thank you very much for the Elemis tip, I will definitely have a look for that. So annoying that eye products are so pricey as it's a lot to invest for something that might not make a difference, glad to hear you say that the Elemis stuff does. xx


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