Monday, August 27, 2012

Week in Pictures

1. Japanese lunch   2. Vanilla Latte and Pain au Chocolat   3. Chilling in a book shop with iced coffee and magazines   4. Mini VW Vans   5. Patisserie cakes   6. Looking at vintage bits for the house   7. Duck Tagliatelle - out for an Italian meal to celebrate five years together   8. My outfit of the night (Studded-collar Zara blouse and River Island leather-look shorts)   9. Giveaway goodies!   10. Outfit of the day - lace and denim   11. More giveaway goodies (Oops!! Just realised I accidentally used the same photo twice! Fail.)   12. Treats in the post from my mum   13. Zara mini-spree   14. More cute VW vans...I was so tempted to buy these for the house but they cost a fortune!   15. Weekend nails   16. Pitta and dips for lunch

I've had such a lovely weekend!  Up until Friday, my week had been pretty uneventful, as I had been at work as usual. But when Friday arrived, the hubby and I decided a mini-roadtrip was in order and so we headed off for a couple of days in honour of our having been together for five years. Five years!! I actually cannot believe it has been so long. 
Anyway, we spent the majority of Friday doing a bit of shopping and had a bit of a splurge in Zara. I got a sleeveless version of the iconic cream chiffon shirt with the studded collar, which I was absolutely ecstatic to find, as I hadn't seen it before. It's got a dipped hem at the back and I am so in love with it! I also got a cute pair of mint shorts with tiny pink polkadots, and then just a plain, thin cardigan, because who doesn't always need more of those? The hubby also picked up a few bits, and then we went and refuelled with some hummous, Baba Ganoush and pitta, followed by vanilla lattes and Pain Au Chocolat.....nom.
That evening, we decided to head out for dinner, so I wore my new Zara shirt with a pair of black leather-look shorts, my spiked necklace and black suede peep-toe heels from Primark. We went to an Italian restaurant which does the most amazing food. We have really similar tastes, and are equally indecisive when faced with too many delicious-sounding options, so we ordered two dishes and then sneakily shared them. One was a goats cheese ravioli in a pear sauce with pine nuts, and the other was a wholegrain tagliatelle with duck. Both were amazing and we finished off every last bite - washed down with a cocktail, of course.
The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel and then went back to the shopping centre, as the hubby had to change one of the t-shirts he'd bought for a different size. While we were there, we had a browse in the book shop and then sat in the cafe drinking iced coffees and reading magazines. I had a little browse in Mac too, but shockingly managed to leave without buying anything (!), and then we had Japanese for lunch before heading down to the beach to enjoy the afternoon sun. We had to come back that night, so when we got home we just chilled out with some films and munch. The diet went totally out the window for those couple of days!
Today has just been a really chilled one back at home. We had a lie-in and then went for a lazy lunch, before coming back and drinking cups of tea and reading our books . My poor little cat is not feeling himself and has been really quiet and withdrawn all day, so I think a trip to the vet might be in order tomorrow, plus it's back to work....wah.

How was your weekend?



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  2. Love the instagram mosaic :) I swear instagram just makes everything better.

    1. Thanks hun, I think they always make a week seem better than it was, haha. I think Instagram makes you appreciate all the little bits of goodness throughout the week, and when you collect them all together it creates a nice positive reflection :)xx


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