Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

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A bit of a crowded Wishlist for you this weekend!

Studded Eagle Jumper, £36, Topshop
Cutwork Peplum Top, £40, Warehouse
Floral Lace Jumper, £40, Warehouse
Studded Shopper Bag, £60, Oasis
Facehunter Book, £14.90, Topshop
Phoenix Jumper, £39, Miss Selfridge
London Studded Belt, £18, Topshop
Chunky Star Ring, £12, Warehouse
Petites Studded Maxi Dress, £49, Miss Selfridge
Horse Print Scarf, £18, Warehouse
Nude Studded Boot, £65, Miss Selfridge
Union Jack Clutch, Accessorize
Indigo Studded Jeans, £45, Miss Selfridge
One Ginger Morning Shower Gel, Treacle Moon (available at Tesco)
MUA Going for Gold Eyeshadow Palette,

I've been bit greedy this week. Once again, there is a plethora of treats in the 'New In' sections of almost every online store I frequent. The chilly weather has got me lusting after cosy knits, particularly printed and studded ones, and I am also loving the patriotic 'London' belt and the Union Jack clutch, as I am feeling quite proud to be British at the moment thanks to our wonderful Olympic Team. Go GB! It's also a great excuse to get my hands on the 'Going for Gold' palette by MUA - well, better late than never, eh? Anyway, the Olympics are still going, so the way I see it, it's still completely relevant.

I've been back to work this week and I can't tell you how shattered I am feeling now! After four weeks of rest, going back to being on my feet all day (in heels, of course!) has more or less done me in, and that's not to mention the mental fatigue my job seems to give me! If you don't already know, I teach English as a foreign language, which has it's moments, but you can imagine what it's like having to deal with pupils who are not interested in learning, or unruly groups of teenagers! Ha. I have actually been so tired that I have fallen asleep at 9.30pm every night this week, and believe me, that is NOT like me at all - I usually go to bed at around one or two in the morning! And it's not that I sleep all day either, I actually get up quite early too, but as my husband works until late, we usually stay up to spend some time together, as we work very different hours.
To be honest, I can't say that I've been up to much else this week, as I haven't really had the time! But I plan on a nice relaxing weekend consisting of snuggly jumpers, cups of tea, hazelnut lattes, homemade facemasks, deep conditioning hair treatments, nail art and magazines. I would say blogging and blog reading, but that very much depends on my unreliable internet!

Hope you're all having a splendid weekend!
What's on your Wishlist this weekend?



  1. Lovely wishlist!!
    Oh ny wishlist is endlessly and it always will be haha! I even see some things on yours that I would like to add to mine!


  2. Love all pieces of your wishlist!!!


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