Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SAVE #1: Bourjois Wild Paris Collection (A/W 2012)

So, I have been putting off writing this post, because I knew that this collection would be the perfect 'Save' alternative to the gorgeous Dior Golden Jungle, which featured in the first 'Spend' post of this Spend/Save series (find the post here), but as it's not due out until September, information on this collection is proving somewhat hard to come by. But eventually, I decided that I would give in and just share with you what I can for now, and then I will do a little update in an upcoming blog post in which I hope to be able to share some more images of the collection with you.

Wild Paris is the stunning new nature-inspired collection by Bourjois, due for release on 5th September, and featuring a palette of earthy browns, khaki greens, mustards and burgundys.
The most exciting addition to the collection, for me, is the gorgeous Python Topcoat, a burgundy nail polish which creates something similar to a crackle effect on the nails, only much more sophisticated, leaving you with a  chic snakeskin manicure.

 We can also expect two new smoky eye trios. The first, in Vert Jungle, features a deep khaki green, a light leafy green and a medium green which is somewhere between the two. As I mentioned in my Golden Jungle post, I am quite excited at the prospect of using khaki greens on my eyes, as it's something I haven't tried before. I used to be a huge fan of green eye makeup in the past, but I haven't ventured into that colour palette for a while now.

The second Trio, Brun Wood, will feature three complimentary brown shades, and is sure to do well, given that brown generally tends to suit all skin tones and is forever a popular choice.

It's clear that jungle colours, military hues and animal prints are here to stay, and that's fine by me. You can luxe up your look by adding gold accents, which will contrast brilliantly with khaki shades and is a look which translates well into clothes and accessories.

What do you think of the jungle trend?
Will you be 'Splurging' or 'Saving' this Autumn?



  1. I'm on a spending ban but do want! Love the bourjois trios! Want the green and blue ones I think!

    Lizzums x

    1. I know I shouldn't say this, but I am still really tempted to Splurge on some bits from Chanel! I need to give myself a good talking to! The Bourjois Python Topcoat is most definitely coming home with me though :)xx

  2. In response to your comment, you can get Reeses in Tesco and little american sweet shops that are in big shopping centers :) x

    1. Thanks so much for popping over to tell me that, I will have a little look next time I'm in Tesco! Yum, they are so good :)xx

  3. Looking forward to this, love Bourjois! xx

    1. Me too, and speaking of Bourjois, I really want to try the Healthy Mix foundation, I've heard so many good things about it. Have you given it a go yet?xx


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