Monday, August 13, 2012

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick: Sugar Plum

I am not usually one for nude lipsticks. Or at least I wasn't, until recently. I have been really enjoying using lovely bright corals and fuchsias throughout the 'summer' months, but I was beginning to get a little bit tired of the maintenance they require throughout the day. I kept seeing people wearing lovely nude lipsticks across the blogosphere, so I decided that now might be the time to give them another try, having been put off by the infamous 'corpse effect' on my last couple of attempts.

I didn't want to splash out a huge amount on a lipstick I might not like, so I went for Maybelline's Moisture Extreme Collagen Lipstick in the shade Sugar Plum. I actually picked this up abroad, hence the name being slightly different on the tube (over there it's called Hydra Extreme).

Sugar Plum is a moisturising pinky-nude shade with a glossy finish. It is not hugely pigmented or buildable, leaving a sheer veil of colour on the lips, and is a really wearable shade. It doesn't seem to create the afore-mentioned corpse effect at all, though the colour doesn't apply all that evenly and may require going over a couple of times, as it is quite slippery.

It's not quite as pink as it appears in the swatch here, but it is a lovely every-day lip colour, especially on those days when you want a 'my-lips-but-better' look, without having to worry about how perfectly you have applied it, as you do with bright shades.
Wear time is really not great here though, I have to admit. The slippery consistency means that it slides of the lips in an instant, and despite the moisturising formula, it will still show up any dry or flakey patches if you haven't exfoliated your lips well beforehand. 

Do you ever wear nude lipsticks?
What's your favourite brand and shade?



  1. This looks lovely, the perfect every day shade! I really love Beehive from 17, quite sheer but the formula is so nice! xo

    1. Ooh, I'll have to give that one a try too then. It's been ages since I've bought anything from 17 actually, so it's about time I had a look to see what they've brought out lately.xx

  2. i like nude lips but havent found one i like for resonable! following ! love your blog xx neave

    1. Hi lovely, I'd definitely recommend trying this one, as Maybelline products are very reasonably priced. I'd definitely suggest trying something on this level before splashing out on an expensive one, as it's a good way to experiment and find a shade that suits you before investing in a more expensive, higher end brand :)xx

    2. By the way Neave, I tried to pop over and have a read of your blog but it says it is only available to invited readers, so I couldn't :(

  3. It looks lovely, perfect for school! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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