Friday, December 21, 2012

A Vintage Christmas: Pinspiration

A slightly different sort of blog post for you today.
Throughout the festive season, I've caught myself many a time trawling the likes of Pinterest and Tumblr in search of beautiful Christmassy inspiration for decor and crafts, and this inevitably resulted in the creation of my Vintage Christmas Pinterest board. At my parents' house, we usually tend to keep things traditional but classy, a theme which is more than fine by me. But I do sometimes like to think about all the pretty little hand-crafted decorations and displays I could create, should Christmas be held at my house one year. This year, I won't be in the country for Christmas at all, as I will be spending it in Brazil with my husband's family, but next year I am planning on getting really creative and making the house look marvellous, Christmas dinner or no Christmas dinner. 

I love the idea of mixing vintage elements with traditional, and getting crafty with wall art and table displays. I think these little patchwork stockings are such an adorable touch and would look fantastic hanging up over a roaring open fire on Christmas Eve.

Hand-made baubles and newspaper Christmas trees make a cute, kitsch addition to the surroundings, while filling jars and large plastic containers with colourful beads and marbles gives you some unique centrepieces for the coffee and dining tables.

You can also collect twigs or branches from the garden, pop them in a plant pot and adorn them with Christmas ornaments. Why not make use of an old, unused picture frame and spruce it up a bit with a lick of paint before attaching some lengths of string on which to display your Christmas cards?

Have you, or are you going to be creating any special decorations or displays for Christmas this year?



  1. They look totally gorgeous. I haven't had much chance to get on pinterest and do some Christmas pinning but you have reignited my pinterest passion!

  2. No decorations, but Pinterest has been a source of inspiration for many Christmas gifts this year!

    1. I've seen so many crafty handmade gifts on there that look lovely, but sadly haven't had the time to create any of them. Determined to do it next year!!xx


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