Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mac: Heavenly Creatures Collection

Mac's beautiful out-of-this-world  Heavenly Creatures Collection, inspired by outer space, hits the shops this month, and having seen these stunning promotional pictures, I have to admit I'm really excited about it.  Why not explore a galaxy far, far away with stunning Mineralise Skinfinishes and eyeshadows, and let the marbled blushes and bronzers take you on a tour of the solar system? Sounds good to me.

Mac says: Discover a whole new, gorgeous galaxy of supernova shades. On the surface they look marbleized, but on the skin they blend for stunning celestial effects. The M·A·C Heavenly Creature colour collection features 4 Mineralize Skinfinishes and 4 Mineralize Blushes, orbited by 5 Lipsticks and 5 Cremesheen Glass.

Mineralise Skinfinish
  • Earthshine: Tarnished bronze with gold pearl and pink reflects
  • Star Wonder: Plummy-pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Light Year: Pinky-peach with gold shimmer
  • Centre Of The Universe: Coral with gold shimmer.

Mineralize Blush
  • Stratus: Amethyst and gold brown melange (frost)
  • Solar Ray: Peach and gold melange (frost)
  • Ring of SaturnTerracotta and gold melange (frost)
  • Supernova: Magenta and burnished gold melange (frost)

Mineralise Eyeshadow
  • Aurora: Peach, green, brown melange
  • Bright Moon: Grey, silver, icy-green melange
  • Earthly: Beige, peach, cool brown melange
  • Invincible Light: Icy white, lavender, warm gold melange
  • Magnetic Attraction: Orange, pink, gold melange
  • Neo Nebula: Cream, warm amethyst, warm pink melange
  • Sky: green-gold, turquoise, cobalt melange
  • Universal Appeal: Gold, bronze, violet melange
  • Water: Yellow, lime green, blue melange


  • Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser
  • Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
  • Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel
  • Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream

  • Pleasure-seeker: Creamy peach (Glaze)
  • Venus: Sheer yellow pink with pearlised pigments (Lustre)
  • Cusp of Dawn: Beige Pink (Lustre)
  • Cut A Caper: Mid-tone peach pink (Lustre)
  • Fire Sign: Red pink (Lustre)

Cremesheen Glass
  • Astral: Bright yellow pink
  • Celestial Kiss: Pale cool peach
  • Galaxy Rose: Mid-tone violet pink
  • Meteoric: Mid-tone vibrant coral
  • Strictly Plutonic: Mid-tone pink brown

Personally, I'm pretty blown away by the gorgeous selection of marbleized eyeshadows. I'm not usually one for purchasing individual eyeshadows, as I find that I am too indecisive and am constantly changing my mind about what shades I want to wear, plus I like to have palettes of complementary shades as I just find it a lot more practical when it comes to application. But I'm definitely willing to make an exception for these little beauties, particularly Earthly, Invincible Light and Magnetic Attraction.
But what has really drawn me into this collection is undoubtedly the beautiful selection of blushes and skinfinishes. While I have found myself wearing eyeshadow less and less over the past few years, mostly saving it for nights out and special occasions,  blushes and bronzers are way up there on my most used makeuo products, and I just can't seem to get enough of them. Mac has become a particular favourite of mine for these, and I would happily snap up every last one of their skinfinishes, including these four gorgeous offerings. In terms of the blushes, they all look hugely appealing, but due to the marble-effect, I'm unsure which of these would be up my street as I'd need to swatch them to be able to decide. Luckily, I won't have to wait long to do so, so I will certainly keep you updated on which of these treasures come home with me!
I must admit, I'm not hugely excited by the lipsticks or glosses. I'm a huge fan of Mac lipsticks, but nothing about this little lot particularly jumps out at me, and none of the shades seem to be anything hugely different from those available in the main range.
I'm quite intrigued by the skincare range though, as I have never tried anythng of that sort from Mac. I don't think I'll be purchasing any at the moment, however, as I have just ordered some Caudalie products to try out, as well as still having my trusty Liz Earle favourites, which I use every day.

Does anything catch your eye from this collection? If so, which pieces do you think will end up sneaking their way into  your shopping bag when you're not looking?

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Saturday!



  1. Wow. First of all, what amazing promo photos! Those blushes and eye shadows... while I don't know if I'd put them on my face. .. they look amazing.

    1. Ha, I know what you mean! Some of them do look a bit bright and scary, but I think the colour combinations are such that they will blend up into nice, wearable shades. Hope so, anyway - this is what I meant about needing to swatch them!

  2. OOO, thanks for letting me know about that, the Invincible Light eyeshadow looks very interesting! Will have to pop in to have a look :)

    1. I think those eyeshadows are going to be causing some trouble for my purse! They're not cheap, but I don't see how I'll be able to just choose one! Ha.

  3. Everything looks so appealing! I love eyeshadows like these. x


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