Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

Catseye Sunglasses, £16, Topshop
Spiked Gilet, £75, Topshop
Head Piece, £7, River Island
Lace and Floral Print Top, £18, River Island
Ikat Print Dress, £36, Topshop
Studded Millicent Boots, £40, Topshop
Rabbit-print Satchel, £45, Accessorize
Lampshade Print Peplum Top, £18, River Island
Print Shirt, £37, Miss Selfridge

Continuing along with the theme of prints and studs, the high street once again has some fabulous key pieces in their 'New in' sections this week. If I had actually bought all of the things I have featured over the past few weeks, then my wardrobe (or closet, for some of you) would be full to bursting with gorgeous printed chiffon shirts and, of course, studded bits and bobs. Miss Selfridge have been doing some great long-sleeved shirts with more sophisticated prints, which will take you right through into A/W, whereas River Island has been awash with pretty summer florals on short-sleeved pieces, which are pretty perfect for wearing now that the sun has been making the odd appearance.
I have got millions of pairs of sunglasses already, but I am horrific at looking after them and the majority of them are scratched or bent! I'm the sort of person who likes to have a choice when it comes to eye-wear, and I enjoy mixing and matching different pairs with whatever I happen to be wearing on any given day. The cat-eye shape is a particular favourite of mine, and I really like Topshop sunglasses - I feel that they are actually doing something to protect my eyes when I wear them, whereas ones I have bought from some other high street shops might just as well be clear, as I still have to squint when I step outside.
I'm still loving the animal print trend (as in, prints featuring actual little animals), and this rabbit print bag from Accessorize looks spacious enough to hold my folders as well as my makeup and other essentials when I go back to work next week. And as for the headpiece, well, isn't it just the perfect boho-style finishing touch to any Summer outfit?

I absolutely loved watching the Olympics opening ceremony on TV last night, and thought that the organisers had done an amazing job. It was really nice to see it all go off without a hitch in spite of the negativity that has been surrounding the event in recent weeks. The amount of uncomplimentary news stories that have been splashed across the papers has been bordering on ridiculous (although some of them were certainly in need of being written), and I am really glad to see that people are finally getting behind the games and entering into the spirit of things. I must admit though, I was surprised to see how bored the royals looked at the ceremony! The Queen, who appeared to have come dressed as a flamingo, bless her, could barely raise a smile, and Wills looked completely disinterested when the British team came out!
I'm going to be honest here - I wasn't all that bothered about the Olympics myself until I watched the event last night, but now I am quite looking forward to it all, and am going to make an effort to watch some of our athletes in action!
Did you watch the ceremony? What did you think? And are you excited about the Olympics?

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. I'm loving the gilet and the boots! Xoxo

  2. Hey I found you through the BBU blog hop and I'm now following you. Love your blog :) and that Lampshade top haha.

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