Monday, July 16, 2012

Revlon Photoready Makeup: Review

Recently, I've found myself trying out several different foundations. Usually, I am one to find a good foundation and stick with it, but I decided I wanted to start being a bit more experimental and give some other brands and foundation types a chance, as for all I know, I might have been missing out on some great alternatives.

Revlon Photoready Foundation has had mixed reviews. While the majority of people have given it good write-ups, I've seen a lot of comments about how this foundation can make you look like a disco ball in natural sunlight, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

This product is both oil and fragrance free, and contains SPF20. The idea of it is to create a soft, luminous finish with the aid of photochromatic pigments, which bend and reflect the light in order to disguise any flaws you might have on your skin. I immediately liked the sound of it, as I love foundations which give me a nice dewy, glowing complexion, so it sounded right up my street.
I would like to point out here that usually, I only go for high-end foundations, as from past experience, I haven't had much luck with hight-street/drugstore brands when it comes to this particular type of product. 

- Sorry the lighting etc is not great in this picture, I originally forgot to take a photo showing the pump dispenser so I had to do it in artificial light when it was dark, which my camera is not a fan of!

I picked up the Photoready in shade 008, which is golden beige, and when I tested it on my hand, I was pleased to see that it was pretty much a perfect match and blended easily into my skin. However, I did notice that 'glitter' effect that some people have complained about when I waved it in the sunlight, so I started to worry about how this would look once applied on the face.
This foundation provides medium coverage and is pretty buildable, and I found that the shade matched my face just as well as it had the skin on my hand. But I didn't immediately see the luminous glow I was expecting, and I certainly couldn't see any of the afore-mentioned glitter.
If I'm honest, I found this foundation to be just 'Ok' the first few times I used it, and found myself going back and experimenting with my Mac Matchmaster (also just 'Ok' - review here). But something made me pick this up and decide to try it again at the beginning of last week, and I was really impressed at the difference it made to the appearance of my skin. I was really surprised, as I had initially been a little bit disappointed, but since then I have been using it every day and really enjoying it! I still haven't noticed any kind of sparkle or shimmer on my face when wearing it, and my husband says that he can't see it, either. However, while it does leave my skin looking quite fresh, it doesn't give me as much of a luminous glow as, say, Clinique Even Better, which I would say is my Holy Grail foundation.
Something I can't leave out is the fact that this foundation does, indeed, look great in photographs! As I mentioned in this post, I am extremely unphotogenic and usually, no matter what I've got on my face, the camera makes me look drained, pale and makeup free! But I was really happy to find that, after testing this out by taking a few snaps of myself, it comes out beautifully and makes me look a million times better than I otherwise would! (I want to say glowy, but I swear I have used that word to exhaustion already in this post!
I really like this foundation as an every day go-to, and will continue to wear it, but I think I still prefer higher end choices like the Clinique and Chanel Perfection Lumiere for nights out, and when I want a really beautiful, flawless look. However, if I am going somewhere I am likely to be photographed then this will be coming along with me!

I would now really like to try out the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer and the Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup, so I will be popping those on my 'to buy' list at some point in the near future!
I've got to say, I've really been enjoying Revlon as a brand recently. I hadn't bought anything from them in a while, but I have lately been rediscovering them and have found some really great products. 

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think?
Are there any other products from Revlon you really enjoy using?



  1. Ah! I wondered when someone else would try out this foundation! I mentioned it in a haul a month-ish back (It was the foundation I used for my ball) and I talked a bit about its qualities - but you sum it up here properly so well! I feel we've had the same reaction to it! Which means it must be one of those stick-at-it beauty products! It's on my face right now as I type. And I also didn't find a problem with the glitter. Huzzah!

    1. Yay, so glad to have found a decent foundation that doesn't cost the earth! I really don't know what people were going on about with the glitter, seems like some people are so picky. They say that something makes you look sweaty if it is not matte!

  2. Great review I've just got the Revlon colour stay and quite like it. I'd heard the glitterball reviews too. I've recently love Clinique skincare and wanted to try a foundation so hearing it's your holy grail has me even more tempted. If you don't mind me asking what skin type do you have? xx

    1. Ask away! I'm normal/combination, basically normal but with a slightly oily forehead, which incidentally seems to have become more so recently! Must be down to something I'm using.
      Mel xx


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