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SPLURGE #1: Dior Golden Jungle Collection (A/W 2012)

With the Autumn months fast approaching, it's time to take a look at some of the most impressive new cosmetic collections hitting stores. This is the first in a new series of posts in which I will show you the best Spend and Splurge options out there, from high-end designer brands for those of you looking to invest, to high-street alternatives for those keeping a tighter hold on those purse strings (since when did purses actually have strings!?)

Hope you enjoy the first instalment!

Leopard print first featured in Christian Dior's debut collection in 1947, and the jungle motif has been going strong ever since, reinterpreted by Dior Couture with each passing decade and runway show. This year, in the A/W 2012 Golden Jungle Collection,  it has been given a touch of luxury, with shimmering gold and earthy tones, featuring khakis, bronzes, nudes and rich chocolate shades which are wearable but glamorous.

The collection will be available in the UK exclusively from Selfridges from 30th July.

Golden Jungle Palette, £52 (also available in browns)

5 Couleurs Designer - Khaki Design

Golden Savannah Palette
I have just found out that this one is not going to be available in the UK, which I must admit I'm rather disappointed about as it's my favourite item from the entire collection! It's so frustrating when things like this happen. But let's be honest, at over £50, I probably wouldn't have ended up buying it anyway. It would have been a nice one for the Christmas list though.

Golden Jungle Nail Art Duo - Le Vernis Crocodile Leather Effect Nails
How amazing does this nail combo look? It consists of a golden base coat, with a khaki top coat which dries to create this stunning crocodile skin effect.

Dior Vernis in Amazonia
Dior Addict in Darling and Wild

While it's a huge shame that the beautifully luxurious Golden Savannah Palette won't be available over here, I am still hugely intrigued by the Golden Jungle palettes. I used to be a huge fan of using green shades on my eyes, but it has been literally years since I last did so, so I am looking forward to rediscovering them now that they have had a bit of new life breathed into them. Greens look amazing with hazel of brown eyes (mine are hazel). One other thing that disappointed me just a tiny bit though, is that the section on the right of the palettes is not, in fact, a blush, but a lip gloss. It's a shame, as I think the peachy shade would have looked perfect on the cheeks, but I'm sure I can find something similar separately. I'm not a huge fan of having lipglosses in palettes, as they tend to attract fall-out particles from the eyeshadows, and no one wants green specks on their lips!
The second thing that I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on, and the one thing that I am actually likely to treat myself to, is the Golden Jungle nail art Duo in Crocodile Leather Effect. I have already raved about this above, so I won't bore you by doing so again, but I think the image speaks for itself - ah-mazing. However, at £24, I suppose you could say that style comes at a price!

I really like the idea of trying out khaki shades in general on my nails, as this is something completely new to me, and I have been running out of new colours to try of late.
As with almost every new makeup collection, I can't say I'm hugely excited by any of the lip colours. It's not that I don't enjoy a good lipstick - quite the opposite - but they do tend to stay within a certain colour range, so it is rare to see anything particularly ground-breaking within a new launch. I would be just as likely to buy something from the main range. It's the lip and cheek products which usually draw me in, and I would have liked to have perhaps seen more in the way of blushes, bronzers and highlighters here,.But I think it's clear that the main focus of the collection is on dramatic, earthy eye makeup, reminiscent of the urban jungle and 40s glamour, all rolled into one.

Here's a full list of what you can expect from the collection:

5 Couleurs Designer Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition
Khaki Palette – khaki, gold, brown, beige, champagne

Golden Jungle Palette – Limited Edition
Golden Brown
  • Golden Khaki

Dior Three Shadows Palette – Limited Edition
  • Ivory Glow
  • Nude Glow

Dior Le Vernis – Limited Edition
  • Gold
  • Khaki
  • Brown

Dior Blush – Limited Edition
  • Sugar & Spice
  • Sunkissed Cinnamon

Dior Addict Lipstick – Limited Edition
  • Wild
  • Instinct
  • Fatale
  • Daring

So what do you think of the Golden Jungle collection? Will you be splashing out on any of these pieces, or will you be trying out similar shades from more purse-friendly brands?
Do keep an eye out for the alternative 'Save' collection later in the week, where I will be sharing with you some of the best new products for achieving the urban jungle look for a fraction of the price!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)


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